Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lots to tell.......

 You had better grab a cuppa - I have lots to show you in this post.  Ta Da !!!  The needle roll is now finished.

It was 4 weeks ago that I started this project at the Gathering...

Many many evenings in that time have been spent stitching.

But there is a major problem with the finished project.......

It is way too pretty to use !!  I hope Leanne releases it into a pattern soon so you can all make one of your own too.....  You will enjoy it so much - I loved every minute of it.

Yesterday I also finished the borders around 4 more blocks of "Tis The Season - That makes 7 completed.

I made a few of these lovely little gift bags using this tutorial HERE.  This one I made from an old Vintage Napkin.

Isn't the little embroidered flower sweet? 

Last week I found a few treasures at my local thrift store.  A lovely candle stick, Vase, Napkins and a gorgeous lace and damask tablecloth.

Which is now cleaned, ironed and on my table.

Yesterday Jo came for a visit.  We decided that we would both start the Hexagon quilt in the latest issue of Vignette.  Jo is using Bliss and I am using Strawberry Fields.

We ceremonisouly opened our Jelly Rolls together ( I just hate unwrapping all that prettiness) and we traced, cut, glued and folded......

By the end of the day we had some nice little piles of hexagons to start stitching with.  We have decided to set aside 1 day a month to spend together and make hexies.  We figure we can have them finished by the time we are 50 - LOL

This morning we headed off to the local market together - I picked up a lovely bunch of flowers.  We then went to Jo's for some more hexie making for a couple of hours and watched a movie which made us both cry.  I can see why hexies are addictive - I am really enjoying making them. 

We have both joined Sarah & Leanne's Vignette Hexie Quilt A Long over HERE.  Are you making hexies too?

Finally before I head off for a nana nap I wanted to show you what Jo gave me for my birthday.

She made the card which is the most beautiful rose.  I adore cards - They are something I treasure.

And this adorable bag from Anni Downs Book - The Book Of The Bag.  Jo chose some very "Fee" fabrics and I will treasure it.

Easter has been a very relaxing break around here.  All of the family come for lunch tomorrow and all of the littlies will be having an easter egg hunt around our garden.  I hope that you have been able to spend some time with those that matter in your life and have enjoyed the break.

Love & Hugs,

Fee XX

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Easter Break

How is your Easter break going?  I am hoping to spend some time on some almost completed projects.  I am off to Jo's for a stitching day tomorrow so lets hope we can get a bit done.

This is the needle roll project that I started at the Quilted Crow's gathering.  It is a Leanne Beasley design and has lots of stitching.  I am getting towards the end of it now.

With the weather being pretty bleek here this is what I was doing yesterday sitting in front of the heater in my recliner, slippers on and stitching on my lap.  Bliss !!

And trying to train this little fellow that when mummy has stitching on her lap there is no room for you and your little playful paws.  He is starting to catch on - Hasn't he grown? 

I have had a few baskets of easter eggs sitting around the house for a few weeks but I think there are holes in them?  I have to keep refilling them.  Nobody around here knows anything about it - I wonder if it is the easter bunny taking from us instead of giving?  Somehow I don't think so.

The baskets are the first thing the grand babies head for when they arrive. 

I can't say that I blame them - I am just a little partial to chocolate and especially easter egg chocolate - It has a taste all of it's own.

Each year I like to add a few ornaments to my easter display.  This one is gorgeous and has a glittery finish to him.

And this one is another of this year's additions.  I hope that you are having a restful break and have found a little time for "you".

I am off now to finish my needle roll.  Fingers crossed that next time I post I can show you the finished product.


Fee XX

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Pattern for Flowers of Love

It is time to finally share with you the finishing instructions for my Flowers of Love Block of The Month.  The Instructions which include some diagrams can be downloaded from HERE and the pattern sheet from HERE

Please e-mail me some pics once you have finished your version of my quilt I am really looking forward to seeing them.

Hugs - Fee XX

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All Good Things Must Come To An End.........

Sadly all good things must come to an end.  Life becomes soo busy and hectic at times that we find ourselves with less and less free time. 

I work full time and am trying to grow my little home business slowly so sometimes something just has to give. 

For me that was my ongoing commitment to Among The Gumtrees.  It was a wonderful ride that we all took together and was an absolute blast .  We achieved so much in 20 months and best of all I made some wonderful friends in Jenny, Joy, Vicki, Dawn, Vikki & Cheryl. 

I know that you all understand and our "giving" will continue but just from our personal blogs in the future.  So HERE is my second block in "Things We Love" it is "Home Sweet Home". 

As most of you would know I love my home - It is not just a house to me but rooms full of love and memories.  A haven for my family and friends and a place I just love to be.

My home is filled with precious treasures both thrifted and given and includes this wonderful  gift I received in the mail today from my lovely friend Mary.  Isn't it just the sweetest little bag?


And look what was inside.......  A sweet little cat brooch.  I love it Mary - You are such a kind sweet lady that I luckily have had the pleasure to meet.

And yesterday I was blessed with this gorgeous cushion made for me by my darling buddy Maree.  She has the sweetest heart and I just adore her.  I wish you could smell this cushion - It smells of the sweetest roses.  I have it sitting on my stitching chair so I can enjoy it's scent at night whilst I stitch.

This lovely handmade set of rosary beads was sent to me by Jen who also blessed me with some other gorgeous goodies that I will show you another day including the cutest little cup and saucer - But you'll have to wait until I take some pics - LOL.

I am a sentimental gal and love to keep all of my notes and cards so here are the 3 cards that my gorgeous daughters gave me for my birthday.

This one made me giggle and is from Miss Amy (12)


And a beautiful card from Sam with a lovely verse


And this one from Miss Kaitlin (17) I found under my pillow on the eve of my birthday.


She signed it Cakey as that's what the grand babies call her and it has just stuck.  These lovely cards I will treasure forever.  I am so blessed - Gorgeous Husband, Wonderful Kids, Fantastic Friends and a Happy Home - What more could I ever want?

Love and Hugs
Fee XX

PS.  I will be back tomorrow with the promised FREE Flowers of Love Part 10

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Feeling Truly Blessed

After the awful week we have had with the weather it was nice to wake up to sunshine today. There is lots of mositure still around as you can see from the heavy dew on the back lawn but the sun is shining and that is wonderful.

Today is my birthday and I was blessed with gifts this morning and a lovely card from my hubby who always buys lovely cards.

It is officially a PJ day for me and I am enjoying sitting around like a lady of leisure - LOL

Yesterday I was pleased to find my copy of the latest Country Threads mag in my letter box.

Guess what?  There is a lovely 10 page spread about "Designs By Fee"

I feel very blessed to have been given some space in the magazine and such a lovely interview written by Nicole who has a way with words.

Lots of my designs got given some space

And the Pattern for "Fee's True Love" Is there for you all to make - Do you remember when we had a competition on the blog to name that quilt?  Seems like only yesterday.  This was an amazing birthday suprise and I am very chuffed.  And.......  the next issue of Patchwork & Stitching will also have a feature and interview of me too so April is really my month of happenings this year.

So today I will be having a "me" day doing the things I want to do.  I will be printing and packing patterns. 

The photographs are back from being printed so my little printer will be churning away for most of the day.  Then the girls will be helping me to fold and pack. 

I will tell you who my new pattern stockists are in a few days once their stock has arrived.

I have also been busy doing this......  A little offer that my newsletter subscribers will receive in their newsletter next week.  You can sign up on the right hand side of my blog if you want.

I am also hoping to cross a few things of my lists this weekend.

One of them is a new design which use these.......... 

What are you up to this weekend?  Is the sun shining in your part of the world?

Love and Hugs until next time when I will release the final part of the Flowers of Love Quilt.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Wrap-Up, Rain & Gifts To Me

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Sam's quilt and all of the birthday wishes.  She had a fantastic night amongst some of her friends and family.


Here she is reading her card from Mummy & Daddy


I wrapped the quilt will the label facing up - Luckily she opened it the right way up and got to read the label first.


Here she is snuggling it - She got just a bit teary......


She had lot's of assistance blowing out her 21 candles.


As you can see from her smile it was a great night.

So what is going on with the weather again?  We have had a 2 day wild storm in Tasmania and at Brighton we received 4 Inches of rain from yesterday until this morning (That's 100mm).  This is what I cam home to last night - The water sneaking into our breeze through heading towards the back door.

I had no choice but to dig some drains - Hubby was not at home - Luckily I was able to stop the flow.  But I did get soaked in the process and it is still raining here today.  Hopefully it causes no more damage.

So after I had a nice hot shower and popped my flannellette PJ's and Slippers on I sat down with a nice hot cuppa and opened up my box of gifties I bought myself from Kerryanne's Shop - Woodberry Designs.


It was wrapped up beautifully in brown paper, bakers twine, a paper doilley with my name on it and this gorgeous label - Not to mention a little pink gift bag which I will show you a bit later in this post.


Kerryanne has been making some handmade goodies lately and I just had to order some for my home.  This lovely bag holds a beautiful bunch of lavender wrapped in sheet music - I just love it.

And this lovely chalk board complete with chalk hanging from some twine.  I will be keeping my eye out for her next batch of creations.


And look what was in the little pink gift bag.  The most gorgeous teeny tiny rabbit I ever did see.  She is so cute.


And just look at her little cotton tail?  I adore her Kerryanne.  Thanks for making a really bad day sparkle a little. 

Love and Hugs - Fee XX