Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Up Up & Away

That's what I will be doing tomorrow - Flying off to Brisbane for a few days which will be filled with fun & laughter.  I made myself a mobile phone case to take.  This is the last of my birdie buttons from Theodora Cleave - I think I will have to get some more.

I think I mentioned before that I have been busy sewing up gifts and finishing some magazine and personal commitments.  This is something that I finished yesterday.......  I will show you it all once I come back home.

And another gift - "Lorraine's Flowers - Version 2" - I love making this one !!  I think that it will be on the christmas gift list this year.

source - (not our actual kitty - but the same breed)

And my new son arrives on Sunday when I get home - He doesn't have to fly quite as far as me - The whole family is excited about his arrival.

So whilst I am away behave yourselves, be merry and get heaps of stitching done - I want to see what you have been up to while I am gone.

Love and Hugs - Fee XX


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Have a wonderful time and safe travels!
Can't wait to see the new arrival!
xx, shell

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh what fun you gals are going to have...dzintra

May Britt said...

Are going to get a abyssinian boy???? I got a aby kitten as a christmas gift and he is sooooo cute. They are so special and has so much personality. You can see a lot of photos of my aby on my blog :)

Dawn said...

Love the phone case Fee... looks fabulous...oh TC buttons are so nice....
see you soon darl
Hugs Dawn x x

Maria said...

Have a wonderful time meeting up with the other Nutters and all your blogging friends.
Lovely phone case.
Oh how exciting getting a little Abby. they are so sweet.

Vicki ♥ said...

am so excited to be finally able to give you a big hug Fee....can hardly contain my excitement now lol.
Love love love your hexies..gorgeous fabrics and your new son is soooo cute. :) See you soon hunny :) hugs Vicki xx

Allie said...

Your new cell phone case is DARLING, dear Fee! Yep, you'll have to get more buttons. Can't wait to see your new projects, and your new baby - such a pretty kitty! Have a wonderful time dear one!

Wendyb said...

aw, what a sweety....he's so cute!! Can't wait to be introduced!!!!! Love the hexies and the phone case.....Dawn's put me onto the TC buttons....definitely NEED more!!!! hehehe
have the most wonderful time with the most wonderful gals.....I'm sure I'll hear your chatter all the way up north!!!!!
XXXXX sugary hugs sweety
Wendy :O)

Joy said...

I can't wait for you all to get here!!! Getting SO excited!!!
Seeya Soon Fee Fee!!!!
Love n hugs,
Ethel xxxxxxxxxxxxx

retdairyqueen said...

So looking forward to hearing all about your trip to Brisbane How exciting
Love the phone case and also looking forward to seeing version two of " Lorraines Flowers"

Jo in TAS said...

Sob, sob, have fun without me :-(

Anonymous said...

what a busy time for you Fee have a safe and awesome trip.

Sarah said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it : o )

Julie said...

Have fun! I look forward to pics of the new kitty.