Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Treasure Hunting Finds

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I love a good treasure hunt - Every week I go either to the market or to some local thrift shops for a good scrounge and to find some treasure to brighten up my country shabby home.

Last weekend at the markets a local flower seller brought along the biggest bunches of unopened lillies you have ever seen.    They were $6 a bunch and as I love to have fresh flowers in my home I had to buy some.  Look how beautiful they are now that they have begun to open.

Their depth of colour is amazing.

And the glorious scent in the house hits you as you enter the door.  I really hope he is there again tomorrow.

Look what else I found last weekend?  This is a huge painting and beautifully done.   I shabbied up the frame just a little and now it hangs in our sitting room.  A steal for $35 don't you agree?

Yesterday was my first day of leave for a week or so and after finishing the million errands I had to run I popped into my local thrift shop.  Just when I had given up hope of finding anything this beauty winked at me.  A queen size doonah and 1 pillow sham.

The quality and beauty of this set has to be seen to be believed.  It is currently hanging on the line and will be pressed and on my bed just as soon as it is dry.  How much you ask?  What would have been at least a $150 set was just $5 - Amazing.......

And just as I was about to walk out the door I spotted this little sea urchin trinket box.  It reminded me instantly of our trip to Bruny in November so I just had to have it.  All of those white tin accessories and wicker baskets I showed you a week or so ago are for our bathroom makeover which we are madly saving for and this little beauty will fit in with the theme perfectly.

For 50c you can't blame me for not leavingit there.........

Work has begun on 2 new designs - One of which is a new BOM which will be ready towards the middle of he year.  I have called it "It's The Little Things That Matter".  I will show you progress shots as we go along....

I am off treasure hunting again tomorrow - Wish me luck.

And have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs - Fee X

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not long to go now ....

It is only a week today until all of the gumnut girls fly into Brisbane.  We are packing madly and things are getting a tad bit exciting. 

The girls let me know last night that I will be the last nutter to arrive in Brisbane - I have been warned to wear protective clothing so that I don't get crushed in the stampede for hugs - So if you know of anyone who will be on that flight or anywhere in the vicinity of the Brisbane arrivals lounge - Make sure they stay clear !!  Nutters in full flight won't be pretty - LOL

I have just had word this morning that Vignette Issue 2 will be released in a week or so. 

 Unfortunately I have made the decision to not order any more stock for awhile until I decide where I am heading but you can do what I have done and pop over to my gorgeous friend Sarah's shop and sign up for the next issue for $15.00 (Bargain) or A Full year's subscription for $60 (That's what I did).  Her shop is PATCHWORKS PLUS.

Whilst you are browsing through Sarah's shop you might like to sign up to Lynette Anderson's new Button Club "Christmas Fun" - It costs just $93 for the whole 8 months and each month you receive a button and the free pattern for that month - I love christmas quilts and am currently working on 2 so why not add another?

The winter's here in Tasmania can be very harsh but with mother nature playing all sorts of havoc throughout the southern hemisphere I have a feeling that this year is going to be worse than usual. 

 I love nothing more than to sit in front of the fire with my stitching on my lap so I have signed up for 2 BOM's to keep me occupied.  I have plenty of UFO's to work on but most require machine stitching so these two will fulfil my love of applique and stitching.

The first is Berries & Bluebirds by Gail Pan.  I purchased it here.

The second is one that I pre-ordered many months ago from the Fat Quarter Shop and is called "Cottage Charm" - Isn't it lovely?

In between stitching all of these new lovelies which will be arriving at my place soon I will be stitching up a number of new designs in my sketch book.  I love so many other designers that sometimes I find it hard to find the time to play with my own stuff - It seems to be a continous juggling act but one that I enjoy.

So the challenge for me now is to finish these newly ordered projects and not let them become a 2012 UFO statistic.

I will do my best.

Hugs - Fee XX

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When the words really touch your heart ...............

I follow quite a number of blogs and I try to read them all each day whilst enjoying a cuppa.  Today one of my favourite blogs (SARAH) wrote a story which really touched my heart and made me stop and think - You know one of those moments when you think that you need to re-assess how you see things - 1/2 Glass full stuff - You know?

Anyway do yourself a favour and pop over to Sarah's Blog and read her post today.  You will be glad you did.

Love and Hugs - Fee X

Ps.  I am sending my love and prayers over the ditch to my NZ friends - I am thinking of you all XXX

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look what arrived at my house .........

Look what arrived at my house last week from the lovely Shell over at Raspberry Rabbits.  This gorgeous quilt which I won in her give away.  Hubby finally hung it for me last night and it looks great in my sitting room.  Thanks so much Shell it is truly beautiful and I will cherish it forever.

I have had my dressing table that I have been re-purposing finished for a few weeks now but keep forgetting to show you.  So here it is .......

And this is the lovely mirror that the children gave my for christmas.  I love it.

And the little birdy that Amy gave me looks really at home amongst my perfumes.

The last few weeks have not only been busy at work but also in the design studio.  All of these items have been finished and sent off to Australian Country Threads where they will be featured in upcoming issues as well as a profile of moi.  How exciting !!

This is a little applique and stitchery sampler called Blessings.  I just love the sentiment "Blessings Come In Many Ways - The Nicest Come As Friends" very true don't you think? 

And another new table runner which used up the very last of my Patisserie stash.  This one is called "Dreaming of Daisies"

And finally a applique and stitchery Cushion from the gorgeous park Avenue range called "Floral Fantasy".

In the coming weeks I will be working on some of my UFO's and have just finished 2 blocks from Jenny's "Christmas Story" and Natalie Bird's "Tis the Season" these are both Christmas Quilts which I want finished well and truly before christmas (Fingers crossed).

I also have to start to pack my bags for my trip to Queensland with the Gumnut Girls - I just know we are going to have a ball.  Don't forget about the morning tea in the park for any of you QLD girls that are able to come - It is going to be wonderful.

Hugs - Fee XX

Monday, February 14, 2011

Well I'm glad that's behind me .........

Yesterday was Hobart Cup Day - The biggest horse race in the South of Tassie.  It is a popular day for thousands of race goers.

It is what has kept me busy for the past few weeks at work but now it is finally over and life can start to become normal again or whatever is the norm around here - LOL

During this past busy week we have had a birthday in our family. 

Miss Amy has turned 12.  Thanks so much to The Cheesecake Shop for this gorgeous strawberry gateau which was delicious !!

I have a few deadlines looming so have had to get a little sewing and stitching done each evening.  I am pleased to say that I seem to be still on schedule - I think.

I really like the Park Avenue range of fabrcis - It is so pretty, soft and feminine.

And I finally used the last of my Patisserie stash but this project was worth it. 

So now I can turn my attention to a couple of upcoming projects - One of them involves these gorgeous bags - I wonder what they could be?

Hmmm and all of this gorgeous white wicker and tin ware is heavily involved in another project - I am up to something - Anyone want to guess? 

I received a lovely gift in the mail last week I will take some pics as soon as I have found a nice spot for it and will show you next time.

Until then,

Hugs Fee XX

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The week that was.........

It's Sunday and the end of the week already and as I said in my earlier post I was hoping to get some time this week to stop and smell the flowers but life threw us a few curved balls and the week went by in a rush. 

Our fellow Australians have been battling different elements of weather from heat, to cyclones and flooding.  Contemplating losing your belongings and in some instances your entire home and even loved ones makes you think about what is important in life.  I know that a number of my friends have been asking themselves the very same questions.  For me I have always known what is more important in my life but sometimes you lose sight of it because "life" just takes over with the things that really at the end of the day don't matter.  It is a timely wake up call.

So this morning instead of doing the vaccuming and making the beds I took some time to sit and reflect on the week that was and thought I might share a few happy moments this week.......

I had a new friend arrive.  Do you remember me telling you that I had a friend on her way?  Can you spot her on my shelf?

Meet the gorgeous Ellie......  Ellie comes to me from the lovely Julie over at Bears and Old lace.  She is hand made from Mohair and recycled fabrics.

Isn't she just gorgeous?  I was lucky enough to be the second highest bidder for her in one of the Queensland Flood Relief Auctions.  The highest bidder did not pay for her so I was next in line and I am very pleased to have her. 

Also this week I found another treasure.  This gorgeous vintage jug which just had to be filled with sweet smelling roses from our garden.

And our 2 furry treasures spent some relaxing sun filled moments near my office desk. I love watching them sun themselves.

So I have finished my cakes and coffee, I have found a few projects to inspire me throughout the week and I have reflected on some of the nice things to happen in our household this week.  Tommorrow brings a new week - I wonder what it will contain?

I hope you made time to stop and smell the flowers?

Love and Hugs

Fee XX

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Block 7 - Flowers of Love + New BOM + Some News ......

It's the 1st of the month again - Golly that was quick wasn't it? So that means it's time for another block in my "Flowers of Love" Quilt.  This is Block 7.  You can download it from HERE.  Just 2 more blocks to go and then the finishing instructions.  I am sending the completed quilt top off to the quilter this week so will be able to show it to you really soon.

Baby Isabelle was born on Sunday night weighing in at 7Llbs 8 Oz.  Mum and baby doing very well.  I will post some pics of her really soon.  She is a real little darling and has to be woken to feed - Let's hope that lasts.

 Today is the day that our new "Things We Love" BOM is launched over at the gumtree's blog.  This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.  The beauty of this BOM is that we are encouraging you to do your own thing.  No rules apply with this scrappy quilt.  You can choose to stitch or applique which ever bits you like.

The first block has been designed by our lovely Jenny and is entitled "A Happy Home"  Here is my version.  I am using a charm pack of "Giddy" which is in quite bright colours - Different to what I normally use.  I am loving how the blocks are coming up. 

Life is very busy for me in all departments at the moment so I just have to keep reminding myself to stop and smell the flowers - Just like little Maddie.

Love and Hugs,

Fee XX