Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Appeal Auctions + Gum Tree Appeal

No doubt you would all be aware of the devastation that the floods in Queensland are causing.  I am sitting here shaking my head in disbelief.  BUT we can all help.  Toni over at Make it Perfect is running a Flood Appeal Auction across Blogland on Monday 17th January for 1 week.  All proceeds will go to help the flood victims - Read all about it here.

I will be donating a Fat Quarter Bundle of Sugar Pop from Moda by Liz Scott valued at $175.00

You can come back here to bid for it on Monday 17th January.

Also the Gumtree Girls are doing our bit to gelp.  We are putting together - New Beginnings Packs for Quilting Groups.  Go HERE for more details.  Also Jenny is auctioning off 2 of her beloved Shabby Quilts - These are the original quilts and all proceeds will go to the Flood Appeal.  Please help us to spread the word.

Blessing and prayers for Queensland.


Fee X


Jo in TAS said...

Terrific Fee, I'm off to read what else is happening and find something to Auction too!

Allie said...

Thanks Fee - it's just awful - I've been praying for the entire region!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Darling thanks so much for spreading the word, I have visited Toni and now trying to think of what I can auction.

Lots of love honey
Vikki xoxo

Julie said...

you guys all rock!
biggest hugs to you all!!!!!

manda said...

Oh Fee, it's just heartbreaking! Thankyou for everything you are doing to help!!

Wendyb said...

Oh Fee, you girls are all so amazing in such tragic times....I'll be helping out where I can's just horrendous and feels like it's never going to end as it keeps getting worse and worse.
My thoughts and prayers are for the floods on the east coast and the fires on the west.
thank you for all that you do sweety.
XX sugary hugs and blessings
Wendy :O)