Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another Long No Sewing Day ... And a Boost to the Economy

 I have the patience of a saint - I am happy to sit for hours and stitch away and accomplish a little at a time but when it comes to being "idle"  and not being able to do what I love or even what I can see needs doing I have NO PATIENCE .......  It is Day Five of having this silly 1/2 cast on my wrist and I am ready to rip it off and just get on with it.....  I am not a very good patient at all I am afraid.  So seeing that I cannot sew or do any 2 armed chores I have been doing a little organising.

Today I purchased 6 of these big candy striped storage boxes with lids for all of our scrapbooking bits.  Our collection has grown over the past few years and we seem to be doing more and more of it lately.  It is something that all 3 of us can sit and do and have some "girly talk".  The girls also like to stitch cards, iris fold and tea bag fold as well.  It will be much easier to drag out just what we need each time.

And they fit just nicely in the gap down beside the book shelf in the dining room.  Mission accomplished !!

So then it was onto the sewing room each group of like minded bits is now living in a box with other like minded bits.  There is a Fancy Button Box, Ric Rac Box, Bell Box and lots more

 It does wonders for the mind to have a little bit of organisation in there - If only I could actually get and use some of them ......... 

I have a favourite seller at the Sunday market and about 2 years ago I purchased this lovely cupboard from her.  I have no idea what it was used for originally.  The inside boxes are crudely (but beautiful) made from old packing boxes and each one pulls out.  I have been using it for my face paint ( make-up) for a few years but decided that it would suit the sewing room better so now it has shifted camp and looks very much at home in it's new spot.

Aren't the little draws just the cutest little things ..........

And this is where it now lives - Fits perfectly.

So with not being able to sew (remember what happened last time I had a hand all bandaged up and what it did to the old bank account) I have been shopping again........  I have been doing my bit for the world economy..........  I have parcels coming from all over in the next few weeks and not one will contain fabric !

And then there was the trip to the markets today and then the stop on the way home at my favourite homewares store.......  I will show you what I purchased from my favourite seller at the market just as soon as it is delivered.  But for now here are these gorgeous Scandinavian Wooden Christmas decs that I bought at the homewares store - A box of 24....... I think I will try my hand at painting them.

Do you have all of your UFO's assembled and photographed?  All of mine are ready to be marched out on show tomorrow.  I will show you them all (Yes there are lots) and will give you the rules on how to play the game as well as showing you what is up for grabs in January.

Just before I go I wondered if you had seen the new Gum Trees Logo on my side bar?  Isn't it special?  Jenny designed it and stitched it up.  We also have a dot com address now - We are all grown up !!


Jenny has today released the first part in her new BOM "Give Thanks" it is just adorable.

Until Tomorrow


Maria said...

You are doing a great job organising all your boxes and draws.Looks great.
Yes I have been looking in my boexes and taken photos of my UFOs. Have actually made a couple of my smallest ones.
Love your buys.

Pauline said...

now listen here miss should be taking it easy...rofl...i know how frustrating it is for sure..I was laid up for 3 months and it drove me crazy..even though I could sew..asking about organised...??? hmmmmmmmmmmm not a chance in you know where mate...they are soooo all over the show.....ah well..finished 3 just before chrissy so they are fewer for sure...if the cast is on for a while..come stay with me a couple of days..sort mine out
cheers my friend.

Unknown said...

I am a Big Organizer so know the Feeling of least you are keeping busy..
have a good week.

Isabella said...

Will nothing stop you Fiona you sure managed an awfull lot one handed I have two and that looks like too much of a big task for me LOL

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

organisation at it's best huh... thort you were 'sposed to be resting my friend!
I love those Scandinavian Christmas ornaments, they are gorgeous!

Varga Györgyi said...

Get well soon! The good thing in this hard time is that your room is superb organised! I like it so much! Györgyi

RobynLouise said...

My goodness nothing slows you down! You'll be able to zip through your sewing when you're better as your supplies will be easier to access.

Anonymous said...

Sounds dangerous to be able to shop but not sew...hehe! I know what you mean though...I can sit and knit or whatever for hours. But make me watch a movie or something and don't let me knit during it and I just go stir crazy! I feel for you!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh how I love organization! I'm a total organized guru! You have done a most excellent job and when you get that ding dong cast off, you will be all set to go into the new year!
Wishing you and Jenny lots of fun on your new adventure!
Happy 2011 my friend!
xx, shell