Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Sewing Fun

There has been lots of sewing happening around here lately.  I am still working through my gift list for christmas.

It should be getting much shorter but it doesn't seem to be - Maybe that's because I keep setting myself more tasks - Oh well no harm in aiming as high as you can.  I will be taking a closer look at my list today as time is steadily running out until the fat man comes down the chimney.

 I am up to Block 4 of the 6 blocks for Mia's teddy bear quilt - It is starting to look like a reality.

For those of you that were asking about my studio change around, here it is.  I still have the shelves to tidy up and a bit more de-cluttering but it is slowly getting there.

The biggest problem is that I only have a very small space.  My studio is only 3 metres square so not a large area but I have it all stuffed in pretty tight.

Bolts of fabric are now stacked on the floor to give me some more creating space. 

I like storage containers and have lots of them - I just need to label them so I know what's inside.

I have to admit to my studio not being quite as tidy as the photo's show.  I set myself a task this weekend of making Sam a new quilt for baby No 3 which is due to be born in February.

After lots of cutting out and chain piecing

Pinning and seam matching

The new quilt was born.......

Chenille is so lovely and cuddly but boy is it messy to work with.  We had to vaccum most of the surfaces in the studio as they were all chenilled.......

I purchased the kit to make this quilt about 2 years ago at the Craft Fair.  So even though it is not strictly a UFO because I never started it - It is a stash finish which I am pleased with.  I only have about 7 more kits to start now - LOL

I also made Sam lots of Cotton Burp Cloths - I made her some when she had Maddie and she just loves using them. 

So after a weekend of sewing I was able to wrap up more than just one present - Can't show you any more as I know that I have spies :)

How are you going with your christmas list?


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have had a great weekend Fiona. I made my Christmas cards yesterday and have a few gift ideas to start on :-)

RobynLouise said...

Looks like you've had a busy weekend. I'd love to have your studio as I still sew at the kitchen table and it makes for a lot of unpacking and packing up :(. Oh well, one day :).

Sue said...

Such a pretty pink baby quilt and I love your stitchery too.

Allie said...

Girl look at you go!!!!! Your stitcheries are SO pretty! The little teddy is darling, and I love the quilt with the chenille - I've not used it but I have an old bedspread I'd like to use up someday. Thanks for letting me know it will be messy! Your studio looks great!

Teresa said...

Hi Fee, your stitcheries look so gorgeous.. as does your "creating" room. You have done wonders. The baby quilt is lovely and I think chenille is a terrific choice. You have been very busy, bet you feel good getting all that done! xx

Vicki ♥ said...

You have been very busy Fee and I love your stitcheries that you showed a sneak peek of. Love the chenille quilt too....I do like chenille :) Hugs Vicki xxx

KaHolly said...

Fee, your studio looks great! I can't wait to see the stitcheries full face!!! My, but you keep busy. ~karen

Phyllis said...

I think chenille is a little stretchy to work with, but your quilt looks perfect.

Your flower pot stitchery looks very pretty - can't wait to see all of it!

denise said...

HiThere Love reading about family life. Thanks for sharing yours. The Teddy bear block looks cute, may I know the name of the pattern? Cheers Denise