Friday, October 29, 2010

Vignette Pre-Orders + Published + A WARNING !

I have just received notification that Leanne Beasley's new magazine will be released on 1st November.  I am ordering in limited copies.  This will be a quarterly magazine and the first 8 issues will each have a block inside of Leanne's new Block of The Month plus other projects and lots more. RRP is $17.95 per issue but I will be pre-selling this first edition to a limited number of people for just $17.50 including FREE postage within Australia.  If you would like to order a copy just drop me a line - goldwen at and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Sorry all of the copies of the magazine that I had on pre-order have now been spoken for.  My friend Sarah is still taking orders so go Here to reserve your copy with Sarah.


I have been so busy lately that I had forgotten to tell you about my Sammy The Snowman project which was published in the Country Christmas edition of Handmade magazine.

My lovely blogging friend Karen wasted no time in making her own version of him for a friend. Hasn't she done a lovely job.

And now for my warning -----  I received a call this afternoon from my bank telling me that my credit card had been compromised in France, England and the US. 

It seems that a web site that I have used (even though they use a secure server) has been hacked and credit card details have been stolen and used.  I will contact the 2 on-line stores that I have used to let them know.  I usually only use paypal and have never had any issues at all.  I use it for all of my business transactions and luckily they have a payment dispute mechanism which guarantees you safety.  But please just be careful where you are shopping and make sure that it is safe.


Bec Clarke said...

It won't let me click to order the magazine.
Can you send me a paypal invoice and I will pay it.
It looks too wonderful to pass up.

Heikesquilt said...

Hi Fiona,
is it possible that You ship to Germany and how much is the postage?

Teresa said...

Love your Sammy Snowman mini quilt Fee... There is something so cute and lovable about snowmen. Congratulations on having it in the Magazine.. I will have to get a copy. Thanks also re Leanne's magazine xx

Allie said...

I love your snowman!!! So sweet! That's horrid about your credit card, we only use paypal too - if an online store takes only credit cards and is in the US, we call it in. Scary times, for sure!

BronnyB said...

Love your snowman.
I am the lucky friend who received Karen's wallhanging - it was a total surprise!!
It glows in the dark!!
2010 has been my Year of the Snowman - and it was a lovely gift!!

Karen said...

Hope you didn't get stung for too much, even if you get it all back again, it is a very sick feeling of violation, just like a break in at your home. I am always worried when I purchase over the net, been very lucky so far.
Hehehe, Sammy is cute even if I do say so myself. Thank you for the pattern, he wouldn't have happened with out it.

Liz said...

This also happened to me at the start of the year. A site that I purchased from was hacked into and after that I had a $1700 purchase from the states booked to my card. Luckily I contacted the bank and the actual company where the purchase was made immediately. The company was able to cancel the purchase and my money was reimbursed. But it was a very scary episode as I had a fair bit of money in that account thinking that only $1000 per day can be transacted but apparently not so when purchases are made online or over the phone. So I immediately rectified that. Now I only have a couple of hundred in that account at all times and just transfer what is necessary. I do a fair bit of internet banking so I am always checking accounts daily to keep tabs etc and I think you need to be so vigilant these days. But I have found the banks to be very good if you can prove that it is a fraudulent purchase. But all this internet fraud must be costing us in the end by way of bank fees.
Another evil of todays modern world.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Congratulations on your snowman! How wonderful!!!
xx, shell