Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re-Purposed Thursday

 It's Thursday again .......  Can you believe it? So that means that it is Re-Purposed Thursday here at Designs by Fee.  One of my favourite things to re-purpose is glass jars and trinket dishes.  I am always buying different bits of glass - They look so pretty when filled with different things.  I have an extensive collection of buttons - Most of which are too pretty to use - You know what I mean don't you?

You might remember when I purchased this christmas tree shaped jar with a lid?  It is now filled with cotton reels.

And more buttons !!  How do you store yours?  Almost every time I go into a thrift shop I come out with a piece of glass of some description - It seems that lots of people have no need for jars and dishes so you can get them really cheap.

You can even dress them up with some recycled twill tape.

Most quilters and sewers have a scrap bin.  I like to go through mine every few months and cut the scraps into different sized squares.  I will show you next week how I store them.  Some of them get made into Yo Yo's that I keep on a glass trinket dish on display in my sewing room.  They are great for dressing up projects and are fun to make.

And of course my quilting safety pins need a home where they are easy to grab when you are basting things together.  A Trinket dish is perfect for that.

Even my Rotary Cutter lives in a glass jar.  He shares the space with pencils and pens so that they are in easy reach on my cutting table.

My pens and pencils on my computer desk live in an old glass.  Take no notice of that glass of indulgence on the right - It just happened to be sitting around when I was taking the pics.

You quite often find these little vinegar bottles sitting on the shelves at the thrift shop.  They make perfect single stem vases.

This one holds my first rose of the season.  Isn't it pretty?

If you want to join in on Re-Purposed Thursday just leave your link here and leave a comment.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I think you may love buttons....LOL....fantastic display Fee..

Janice said...

You are right. Everything looks so much prettier when displayed in a jar. A great collection.

Allie said...

I pick up glass at the thrift store too - which reminds me I need more now that I've found all those colored pencils I'd forgotten I had. Your displays are just lovely!

Jocelyn said...

I love how you have used all the glass jars. And the buttons look fabulous. Great collection!

Joan J said...

I love the idea of Re-Purposed Thursday! Your jars are just beautiful. I hope to participate every week, as re-purposing is near and dear to my heart (and my sewing room!).

Liz said...

Some great ideas here. I love glass too.