Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Treasure's, Some Stitching & Those Grand Babies

Jo and I had a Treasure Hunt day yesterday and I found a few new treasure's to adorn my home. I spotted this candle stick out of the corner of my eye just as I was about to leave the shop. Gosh that was lucky - I nearly missed it. Jo said it was "very me" so that was all I needed to part with my $7.00

I really needed a pretty trinket dish for my dressing table and was lucky enough to find a nice one which just needed some loving. Looks a bit different now doesn't it Jo - I gave it a nice gentle hot soapy bath.

And this sweet little crystal vase ideal for a tiny posy of flowers. This will be living on my bed side table with a nice fresh bunch of flowers from my garden which is slowly waking up from it's winter slumber.

I have been busy over the past few days finishing off some new projects which will be published in Country Threads towards the end of the year. Here is a sneak peek of this one using some more of that lovely fabric range "Essence".

And a tiny peek of the table runner I showed you a little while back which is now finished and ready to be sent off.

Most of my spare time these past few weeks have been filled with looking after my grand babies. It has been challenging trying to find things for them to do which doesn't involve technology. I want them to have lovely memories of their time at Grandma's like I have - so we had a few hours of bird watching.

We are blessed to have some wonderful bird life here and it was fantastic fun for the children to first spot them and then look them up in the "Bird Book". Amy has been a bird watcher for some time now and had great delight pointing out her favourites to Tom.

Another afternoon was spent playing ball games in the back yard. Tom loves all ball sports.

Maddie is happy just to walk around with a ball. Today we spent some time building towers with the cardboard inserts from my fabric bolts. I even enjoyed playing with them - LOL. It is nice to have the children enjoy some good old fashioned fun.

All of my Spring Bulbs are poking their heads through the ground and are just busting to open up as the sun warms them. Spring is my favourite time of the year. I hope that if you are in the areas around Australia that are enduring floods at the moment that you are safe and dry and that our New Zealand friends are also safe and well after their recent earth quake disaster.


Maria said...

I love all your treasures especially your beautiful Granndies.
How lovely for them to do bird watching and playing in your yard. I bet you had fun playing with them.
Nice sneek peeks ??
My spring bulbs are up too and flowering beautifully.

Vicki ♥ said...

Lots to look at Fee :) Love your little grandies and they are adorable indeed :) Your sneak peeks are fabulous and I look forward to seeing them published and you got some good treasures too :) You are on a roll with finding some good things lately. Hugs Vicki xoxox

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

all those goodies look so lovely Fi, you look like you have been rather busy, my gosh,are'nt the grand babies growing so fast!

RobynLouise said...

Aren't nice old fashioned glass treasures lovely? They have such character. Much better than plastic! Your grandchildren look like they are having a great time and simple things are often the ones they remember :). I'm lucky to have jonquils flowering at the moment and they smell divine.

Allie said...

Fee you find the prettiest things! What fun to have your grandchildren, and what good ideas you have to amuse them - I don't think technology does much to stimulate the imagination. Being outdoors is best! Look at your pretty plant - I love the pot it's in too.

I heard about all the flooding, and of course the earthquake. My prayers are going out to all affected, and my praises that nobody was killed in the earthquake!

Unknown said...

Just a quick note to say Thank You for all the lovely things you offer and do for the blogging world.

Jo in TAS said...

The trinket dish looks so much nocer now! Any near misses with the little cricket bat?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love to search for hidden treasures in little thrifty stores - you found some lovelies. I wish to thank you for your time and sharing/caring in your blog as well as with the "Gummies". I have enjoyed each and everyone of your blogs as you have grown thru the year. Wishing you all continued success and looking forward to future creativities.

Rita said...

will you be getting any more of the preprinted sun bonnet sue redwork embroidery kits in your shop? I hope so.

B J Elder said...

You found some lovely treasures, but the ones I like best are those grandkids! They are precious and I love the kind of memories you are giving them.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts and talents with us. It is greatly appreciated.