Friday, September 17, 2010

Bbbbbbbrrrrrr Spring where are you?

Mother Nature is a little confused at the moment yesterday she sprinkled us with snow and sleet and turned on the wind machine to HIGH. What is going on? It is Freezing and not like Spring at all....... I hope that she is feeling a little better today. Nevertheless the Spring Bulbs have still decided to bless us with their blooms. Here is one of my double daffodils - Isn't it pretty?

The Garden is just waking up and the scent is incredible.

This Giant Hyacinth is bursting it's sides to bloom - Just another few days I think......

Not a great shot but this is the side of my nose..... I have had a few health issues for the past 6 months and along with that comes "vertigo"..... I had another "episode" on Tuesday night and fell into the wooden doorway and cut my nose open. I am back on the doctor merry go round and get shipped off to yet another specialist in a few weeks time - Tralalala

So the best idea is to "just sit" when I am feeling like that and of course do a little stitching. This is part of a new project just completed for publishing.

Even though I haven't been able to show you very much stitching I can tell you that I have been very busy stitching all of the blocks for "Flowers of Love" and just have a few more left to do now. How are you going with yours? I have received some beautiful photographs of blocks and will have a show and tell over the weekend.

Finally I wanted to show you a gift that I have just bought to put in Amy's Christmas Stocking. "Sublime Stitching"

Amy loves to stitch but struggles to find things that she likes to stitch - As she is a beginner she needs clean cut stitching and easy tracing. This iron on transfer book is perfect for her.

It is full of cute little stitcheries - A5 size.

I bought it from HERE . It was just $12.07 with FREE delivery from the UK. I am going to purchase her a few more over the next few months as it is her birthday in February too... Pop over and take a look - They are great if you have a budding stitcher in your life. Have a great stitchy weekend !!


Anonymous said...

oh poor you and the nose, vertigo is a horrible thing and so is the medical merrygoround! hope they sort you out soon. i am in hobart at the moment, house sitting, and the sudden change in the weather a bit chilly. big white waves rolling in on the derwent at taroona!!!

RobynLouise said...

Oh dear, ouch! So glad you only cut it and didn't break it as vertigo gives one a terrible "seasick" wobbly feeling. Hope mother nature's PMS settles down for you soon! Being a bit of a beginner stitcher myself I think I might indulge in one of those books.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

going to have to wrap you in thick batting to protect that noggin and nose. take care of yourself we're all thinking about you!!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Ouch! fun at all. I think you have the right idea to just sit and stitch. Looking forward to seeing more!
As for Spring, well it is suppose to be Fall here, but today was hot, hot, hot. I'm ready for crisp and clean air.
xx, shell

Jude said...

Hope they soon can find out what is troubling your helth and the daffy looks lovely. Thos e books look great and I must get some for my GDs.

Scottish Nanna said...

Hope you feel better soon I love your flowers they look nice.The book looks good it is good when the children get an intrest in sewing I thinks it runs in familys My grandma and my Mum both were sewers and some of my children are following in our footsteps.
Hugs Mary.

Margaret said...

I was thinking of you yesterday with snow in Hobart, we get all the cold wind from down south, it is a goo time for just sitting inside. I had Vertigo years ago and always carried stemitel with me, I hoped I had outgrown it until this week when I have had vertigo off and on for this last week. So I comiserate with you and hope you find a soloution which suits you.

Sarah said...

You poor thing Fiona! I hope they work out what is wrong! I suffer with fainting episodes since I was about 15! It is a horrible thing! I got a massive black eye once by hitting my head on the counter at my old work..... a customer found me on the floor! How embarrassing!!
x Sarah

Micki said...

So sorry about your nose and the vertigo...I hope ou feel better soon!

trash said...

Ouch! Hope it heals soon. sublime do some fabulous patterns.

Sew Useful Designs said...

So sorry to hear about your accident Fee and hope you are feeling better. x Snow?!!! Goodness me, those little hyacinths would have got a shock! As for the sneak peek Fee - love it! :-)
Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo