Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Treasure Today .. And the first few stitches

I had to work last night and was a little tardy getting out of bed this morning so wasn't able to go treasure hunting. We did go to the fresh foods market for our weekly supplies and stopped off at a little gift shop, this gorgeous little pair pulled at my heart strings and just had to come home. Aren't they just the sweetest litle angels?

Whilst I have been unable to sew my head has been brimming with ideas and I plotted some new designs which I was able to get down onto paper in the past few days. I am thinking of offering it as a FREE BOM next year if it turns out okay.

I decided that I would make up 2 versions to show you all so I have started to stitch the "Country" version in gorgeous blues and mustards from the "Essence" range.

These are not normally colours that I work with but I am enjoying the look of them. I have just stitched for a few hours but am pleased with my progress and my hand is improving each day which is fantastic !

Now I just have to decide which fabrics to use in my "Shabby" version. I had a shipment of Robyn Pandolph arrive in stock on Friday so I think I will use those. There is just something about dreamy florals don't you think?

Have a wonderful week.


Jo in TAS said...

OOh that's exciting a free BOM! Lovely to hear you've had a little stitching therapy. I stitched for hours last night, need to find my mojo to do more tonight

Scottish Nanna said...

That sounds good A free Bom I can handle that I am glad you are managing to stitch.Have A good week.
Hugs Mary.

Maria said...

that's great you can do some stitching again.
the BOM is looking interesting.

Allie said...

Aww such sweet little angels - Fiona, I'm SO GLAD to hear you've been stitching, so happy that you're improving day by day! I love the look of your new project and can't wait to see it.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That is looking soooo pretty!! Love the Essence fabrics...I'd better look them up.;-)

Jeni said...

what beautiful angels
hope your hand is coming along ....
just love your work

Sew Useful Designs said...

Your project peeks look delightful Fee! So nice to see some country colours! :-)

So glad you are healing well! I've just read your recent post too... and i'm all excited now - can't wait till you spill the beans!!! :-)

Hugs in abundance!! Vikki xoxo