Monday, August 30, 2010

Gorgeous Quilt !

Have you seen this gorgeous quilt yet? It is a FREE Block of The Week by the delightful Dawn.
Pop over here to download your FREE blocks NOW !!
I'll be back on Wednesday the First day of Spring with a suprise for you - Stay Tuned.......
Fee X

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Treasure Today .. And the first few stitches

I had to work last night and was a little tardy getting out of bed this morning so wasn't able to go treasure hunting. We did go to the fresh foods market for our weekly supplies and stopped off at a little gift shop, this gorgeous little pair pulled at my heart strings and just had to come home. Aren't they just the sweetest litle angels?

Whilst I have been unable to sew my head has been brimming with ideas and I plotted some new designs which I was able to get down onto paper in the past few days. I am thinking of offering it as a FREE BOM next year if it turns out okay.

I decided that I would make up 2 versions to show you all so I have started to stitch the "Country" version in gorgeous blues and mustards from the "Essence" range.

These are not normally colours that I work with but I am enjoying the look of them. I have just stitched for a few hours but am pleased with my progress and my hand is improving each day which is fantastic !

Now I just have to decide which fabrics to use in my "Shabby" version. I had a shipment of Robyn Pandolph arrive in stock on Friday so I think I will use those. There is just something about dreamy florals don't you think?

Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Not So Glamorous Side of Mothers Cupboard + First Stitches

Last night I sewed my first real stitches in 3 1/2 weeks. I managed to sew down 9 yo yo's onto the edge of my Florentine Doily. When it started to hurt I stopped stitching and will try again in another few days. But for now I am happy with that effort.

I have spent some time lately getting the "Mothers Cupboard" stock room organised. My Fabrics live in the house but all of the other stock is recorded and then filed away in tubs. Mr MC helped me with the lifting and now I feel much more organised.

I still have quite a bit to list in my store and file away but we are slowly getting there.

Are you like me and have a big long list of projects that you want to get done around the house? The stock room has been on my list for ages so with not being able to spend all of my spare time sewing it has been a perfect opportunity to mark a few things off my list.

Thanks for all of the lovely comments about my treasure hunting - I really do love it and have been really lucky lately to find some lovely things. I am planning to go to the market again this week so let's hope I get lucky again.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Parcel, More Treasuring Hunting & Planning Some Sewing

I won a give away over at Christine's blog a few weeks ago and these gorgeous buttons arrived here on Friday - Thanks so much Christine - I have plans for a few of them already.

Okay so today was Sunday - Treasure Hunting day for me. We went off to the market early this morning for a spot of hunting and I am happy to say that I found a few lovely things to bring home. I just love this decanter in a silver base. It has found a new home on my white sideboarded that I blogged about yesterday.

I also found this gorgeous embroidery. It makes you wonder about the person who spent hours stitching it. I am not sure that I would part with something so beautiful for just $2.00 - But I am glad that they did.

I have had a thing for lamps lately and was thrilled with this find. It is a ceramic base lamp with a pretty pink floral pattern on it.

Now I just need to make a shade for it.

This purchase I had to get home delivered. Mr MC wonders why we need another book shelf but I keep telling him that you can never have enough books. Since I discovered the Book Depositry my collection is growing almost on a weekly basis so this book shelf will be fantastic once I have given it some shabby treatment. It currently has a blue wash but hopefully in the days ahead it will be transformed.

We spent some time today removing all of the stickers plastered all over it. Hmmmm not an easy task but made much easier by breaking down the glue with Eucalyptus Oil.

And even though I still can't sew I have been planning lots of projects for when I can. I have them all lined up and ready. These 2 fabrics are waiting to be made into a diaper bag and change mat.

And another Florentine Doily just ready to be finished off. This one is for me.

Hopefully next week I will be able to spend some time sewing. Have a great week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before and After

I have been back at work this week which started out well but by last night my hand was swollen and sore. It was worse this morning so now I have to wear a support bandage again. I was hoping to sew this weekend but it is going to have to wait - All I have managed since the surgery has been to sew on 4 small buttons. So to occupy my time I am going to have to go treasure hunting again in the morning - Such a chore !! LOL

Last weekend I decided to start shabbying up some things around my home. The girls moved this side board up into the garage where I could make a mess and little by little I painted it (left handed of course). It had it's final coat of paint on Thursday night.

And here it is all shabbyed up !! What a transformation. It has brightened up the room so much ! I just love it.

So here is another piece of furniture from the kitchen that has been moved to the garage today to have a few coats of paint. Sam is moving house today so we have the grand babies to play with. Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This week's finds.......

How are you this lovely Tuesday? It snowed on the high levels around us over night but today was quite sunny and I think about a top of 12 degrees. Sunday's market was a bit of a fizzer really not very much around at all but I did find this lovely sugar bowl and spoon.

I had to resort to surfing around on E-Bay again to get my weekly fix and look what I picked up for just $1.04. A lovely planter (minus the plant). I can see a nice bunch of baby pink roses poking out of that - What do you think?

And a reminder that spring is just around the corner is this lovely bunch of flowers I brought home on Sunday which are sweetly scenting my kitchen. A quick walk around the garden tonight revealed a few of my own spring bulbs poking their heads through the soil - I just can't wait for the sunshine to return.
I am going to be a little naughty tonight and try to stitch a few stitches - Wish me luck !!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cup Cake Love....

Do you love Cup Cakes? We do....... Today was National Cup Cake Day in support of the RSPCA. The girl's school is holding a fundraiser for it tomorrow so tonight we set about baking up a mountain of cup cakes. We are an animal loving family so it is only natural that the girl's want to help raise some much needed dollars for the organisation.

The deal was that I would assist IF the girls promised to clean up the mess. As I type this they are cleaning up and are wishing that they weren't quite as messy.......

We have baked and baked and then baked some more. I never thought it was going to end.....

Then to top it off I decided that we would make them a little different then "normal" cupcakes, so we made some caramel filling by melting Jersey Caramels in Cream and then whipping - WARNING........ This caramel mix is FULL of calories and very very addictive......

But very very YUMMY !!!!!! I was chief quality controller.

Seeing that we made so many I have decided to take some to work tomorrow to raise some more $$

Amy had a ball decorating the cakes for her school.

She took a lot of pride in them.

Kaitlin joined in the fun.......

And created her own masterpiece

So let's hope they make lots of $$ at school tomorrow and have fun eating all of the creations.
Did you buy a cup cake today?


Friday, August 13, 2010

End of the week chatter....

My stitches were removed by the surgeon on Tuesday who was very pleased with my hand so hopefully in a few weeks once the healing process is complete I can get back to stitching. In the meantime as you know I have been keeping myself busy with E-Bay purchases. Look at this glorious TILDA fabric which I purchased.

And these as well. They are just so lovely. I intend to make myself something nice out of it once it arrives.

They have to come all the way from France.

I also found myself browsing the shelves of The Book Depositry again. My main book case in the house is now full of books so I need to get another one for all of the books which keep arriving in my letter box. They sent all 3 of these books in seperate parcels this week and each arrived on seperate days. I am sure that Mr MC thinks I have shares in the company - LOL.

Whilst out and about getting my stitches removed I couldn't pass up the opportunity of a little thrifting. Look at this gorgeous crystal bell with a tarnished silver handle - Isn't it spesh?

And this lovely glass lidded wooden box (without the buttons) - I thought it would look great with colour co-ordinated buttons.

So that kept me busy for one whole evening - Trying to sort out buttons with just one hand is a tedious and tiresome job - But it did keep me entertained.

And look what arrived here yesterday from MODA under the supervision of "Dreamer" the sewing assistant. Park Avenue Jelly Rolls, Fresh Cotton Charm Packs, Alliance Dessert Rolls and Lots of yardage..... Most are "On Special" in my E-Bay Shop. The Alliance Dessert Rolls are just $15.00 and Yardage is just $12.00.
So what do you have planned this weekend? I have bought some white spray paint which I will have to get Mr MC to help me with - I am not sure what is going to get sprayed yet but nothing will be safe I am sure - I just love white furniture - LOL !! Havea great weekend.