Friday, July 30, 2010

Do You Like Redwork?

I do !!! I recently began to stock these fantastic Pre-Printed Stitchery Blocks in lots of different themes and have begun to stitch one for myself.

Each Kit has 12 X 9" Blocks inside that are all pre-printed on quality broadcloth.

They are so easy to do.

This is how it is going to look when it is all finished. As I now have 2 grand daughters I may well have to make two.

Pop over here to see all of the different "Kits" available.

Tomorrow I am going to tackle my sewing room and will be back with some "tidy" pics. Let's hope I find my mojo whilst I am there as next week I will have to stop stitching for 4 whole weeks - More on that later.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WARNING - Images may disturb some quilters.......

It is quite disgusting really........ My sewing room I mean........

It seems that ever since the Craft Show that I have lacked motivation and energy to do anything really and my sewing room is testament to that.......

Somewhere on the shelves or under the piles is my MOJO which has been hiding.

I really do hope to find it over the weekend when hopefully I can get motivated enough to tidy up.....

I am sorry if my mess offends anyone - I really shouldn't be "airing" it in public but having a lost MOJO has pushed me into shaming myself - maybe that will work.........

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Recipe and Frugal Living Ideas + More Crafting

I thought it was about time that I got back to some frugal posts - Here is a Beef Hot Pot which I made for dinner on Monday night in the slow cooker. I find the slow cooker is great for those busy days when you are going to get home late and just need to have something quick and easy for the family.

You will need some cubed beef (approximately 750g), 1 Tablespoon of Chicken Stock Powder (I use Massell's Salt Reduced), Sprinkle of Garlic Flakes, Sprinkle of Onion Flakes, Can of Tomato Soup, Can of Minestrone Soup & Cornflour to thicken (Think it is called Corn Starch in the US).

Place all ingredients (except the cornflour) into the slow cooker and add around 3 - 4 Minestrone Cans of Water. Stir and set on low for around 8 - 9 hours with the lid on the slow cooker.

Just before serving thicken with a little cornflour and water to the desired consistency and serve over mashed potatoes - DELICIOUS !! We always have left overs and Mr MC takes it to work the next day and has on toast.

Do you remember when we made these fragrant bottles for around the home back HERE ?

Now is the time to top them up and make your home smell bright and fresh for little cost.

Bubzrugz has just posted a fantastic re-cycling tip for those of you that sew - Pop over HERE to take a look at her doggy bed.

Another quick little tip is a storage idea for food items that always seem to get wasted once they are opened. I am the only one who eats flavoured rice cakes in my house and I have been guilty of opening the packet and then forgetting about them only to find that they are stale within a week or so.

So now when I open up the packet I immediately package them up into zip lock bags in portion sizes. It is easy then to just pop a pack in my bag on the way to work or grab them for a quick snack.

And now to show you that I have been adding to my Christmas Gift Giving Stash I have made lots more scissor fobs.

I have never really been a beader but bought these lovely enamel charms at the craft fair and decided to give it a go as they would be great to add to my crafty friends christmas parcels. I have made 12 in total. This weekend I hope to make something for Judith's colour challenge.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Flea Market Find, Some Crafting & A New Suprise

It has been a few weeks since I have joined in Sophie's flea market find so thought that today I would show you a recent flea market find when we were holidaying in Victoria. I fell in love with this beautiful porcelain rose swag with absolutely no damage at all and for the bargain price of $2.00

Don't you think that it is just the prettiest thing?

I have been doing a little sewing lately - I am currently working on a new design which includes this stitchery which is mirrored 3 times. The centre rose is done using some beautiful Cottage Garden Threads and the outer border is stitched using my favourite 2 strand Cosmo Threads.

I have also finished some beading - I am making some of these scissor fobs for christmas gifts and can add them to my list of finishes for Judith's Early Bird Christmas Challenge. They are made from crystals which are just so pretty but have not photographed well. I have made a couple extra of these which are not included as gifts on my list - Does anyone want to do a little private swap? E-Mail me at goldwen at if you are interested.

And here is my "new" suprise. Baby Mia born on Friday to my son Josh and his girlfriend Bec. They came to visit last night and here she is snuggling with me. Another excuse to make some more pretty baby bits.

Have a great week. I have a Beef Hot Pot in the slow cooker today whilst I am at work so will share the end result and recipe with you tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter Blues

I have suffered a little bit lately from the "winter blues". A dear friend of mine (Vicki) was talking about retail therapy and how it makes her feel better. I have had my eye on something gorgeous and shabby in blogland for a few days and tonight took the plunge and bought it. Go HERE and take a look at the talented Gail's work - I bought "Tussie Mussie". What do you think? I just adore it and am going to hang it over my bed. I feel better already.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I know that you will understand........

The craft fair is now over and it has been a wonderful experience. I have learnt so much and met some wonderful people. The other exhibitors are so lovely and full of great tips and happy to share information. Some bloggers stopped by to say Hi - Here are Lisa & Jane. We didn't get to chat very much as it was flat out when they popped by. We will catch up at the next Gathering I am sure.

Jo and I had a lovely time and had lots of laughs........

Throughout the middle of it all we had my mum's 60th birthday party - I took this photo of Maddie at the party and thought that I would show you how much she has grown. Do you remember when she was born last march 8 weeks early and was so tiny? Well I have further news - She is going to get a younger sibling in February - Yes I am going to be a grandmother again.

Now for the part that I just know you will understand...... Whilst wondering around the fair on Sunday afternoon I was beckoned over by this young fellow who whispered in my ear and asked to come home with me - How could I resist that gorgeous German Mohair bi-coloured body, sweet cotton tail and the pinkest little nose? No to mention the cuddliest little body around....... I of course said yes and whisked him off home to come and live with me - Meet Bugsy beautifully handmade by Judy of Brentwood Bears. You understand why I had to have him don't you??

Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Set Up and Ready To Go

Thank you so much for all of the well wishes for the fair - I am going to enjoy the experience no matter what happens. Set-up was a long drawn out process with every inch of space utilised.

It is amazing how much you can pack into a 2m X 2m space - LOL

You may recognise some of the samples on show? Elefantz, Hugs & Kisses, One Red Robin, Miss M, Ric Rac, Chitter Chatter and of course Mothers Cupboard and Lilly Pilly........

I think we just about have something for everyone.

So win, lose or draw the next 3 days are going to be a blast. Jo and I will have a ball - make sure that if you are coming to the fair that you pop by and say Hi........

Packed & Ready To Go......

I have a new found respect for those of you that do the Australian show circuit with your goodies. Getting ready for just one fair has been a mountain of hard work. The car is now packed to the hilt for set up this morning.

It has been a majot excercise just getting everything to fit into the car.

Just as well I do not have any passenger's (And yes that is FROST on the window of my car)

As you can see I have used up every spare bit of space. I have packed my camera so will be sure to get some shots of my booth once it is finished. Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure

I thought I would join in with Clare's Tuesday Treasure fun. This is an urn that I inherited from my Great Great Grandmother Gratidge. She was my Grandfather's grandmother. She had lot's of nice things including a lovely blackwood dining suite that my mother has stashed somewhere. The urn is hand painted with a lustre type paint and has some gold decoration. It is quite tall maybe 60cm (2 foot). I had a wooden corner shelf made for it a few years ago so that it could be tucked back into the corner and kept safe. Do you have some special treasures? If so why not join in so we can all see too.......

Monday, July 5, 2010

A First for Me.............

For those of you that have been following me for some time you would know that I opened up an on-line fabric store over a year ago.

I really dis-like pushing my barrow on-line so about 6 weeks ago I closed my on-line store and just sell via E-Bay on-line now. In life doors close and others open and I made the decision to do the Craft Fair and Events route so that I can serve my customers face to face.

I have the next 12 motnhs mapped out and after the craft fair this week I move into the local Sunday market as a permanent stall holder so that the locals can grab their quilting supplies each Sunday from me. Mixed up amongst this journey I made the decision to try my hand at importing some fabrics. A novel and worriesome concept but today I took ownership of my first shipment. Not a huge container lot just 70 kilograms to start off with. These polka dots were part of the shipment.

As well as this adorable fabric line called "Fleur De Paris" by Henry Glass. When I was sent the swatches of these fabrics I just fell in love and HAD to have them - They are the reason why I decided to take the plunge.

Most of you would know that I am a pretty shabby florals freak and these hit the spot for me.

There is also polka dots and toile in the line too.......

Can you see why I fell in love?

So tonight I am cutting them up ready for the fair.

As I am cutting I keep thinking of things I want to make with this range and have to keep reminding myself that I can only keep a little bit of each.

I also received lots of other goodies in the shipment including cute novelty fat quarter bundles from Studio E and some Redwork Pre-printed quilt packs.

I would have to say that I am just about Cup Caked and Fat Quartered out at this stage....... Poor Jo has been cutting bolts into 1/2 metre rolls for me and I think she is over it too....... I am sure that we will be glad when Sunday night rolls around.