Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Finish from the UFO Pile

As part of my year of trying to be frugal I am finishing projects that are in my UFO box in between major projects and pattern design. Here is Gail Pan's gorgeous Christmas BOM quilt finally finished. I really enjoyed doing this one and have a shabby version in the UFO box as well.

Ever since my lovely friend Jo gave me a table runner for christmas with Yo Yo's on it I have had a fascination with them. I make some almost every day and have a growing stash of them. I took them out to play with yesterday and have come up with an idea for a new doiley. I have the design traced and ready to stitch. It is a long weekend here this weekend so I am looking forward to some finishes.

The weather here in Tassie has been just lovely and yesterday was no exception. I was lucky to have the day off and pottered around the garden for most of the day.

Here are a few of my loved house plants that live in our breeze through. It is such a sunny spot and I love spending time here. It amazes me daily that I have managed to keep alive the cyclamen that Sam gave me for mothers day last year (It is the one with the pink wrapping still) - That has to be some sort of record for me.
I have to tell you that ever since my frugal commitment on the 1st January that I have not purchased 1 inch of fabric for my personal use. It has been hard at times expecially when cruel friends send me links to sales !!!!! Yes Ethel I am thinking of you..............I have decided that in March as a gift to myself for being so good that I will purchase 1 lot. Now I just have to find a nice bundle and have a project in mind for it so that it does not sit on the shelf like a lot of my other 2009 purchases.
Bye for now,


Contented Caroline said...

I love you Gail Pan quilt, I really was hopeless with mine and only managed one block!! One day I will finish! Looking forward to seeing the yo-yo project completed.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Fiona...the quilt looks great...mine is still not finished...And I really admire you being frugal!!! Happy purchasing your fabric...Dzintra♥x

Dawn said...

Well done Fiona...well done finishing the Gail Pan quilt... he he... mine is still waiting... maybe by Christmas...OOh wonder what fabric your going to buy... some relaly yummy ones out there..
Hugs Dawn x x x x

Maggey and Jim said...

I do love that quilt and you did an awesome work..We are still at winter here with 26 this morn.. But the weekend looks promising with the 50's.. Love looking at your plants.. I love flowers..

KaHolly said...

Your Gail Pan quilt came out just lovely. I haven't even started on mine yet!! Can't wait until spring arrives here so I can putter around in the dirt, too! Have a wonderful day, karen

Joy said...

Ummmm.... errrr.... ummm .... sales??? I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about ;o)!!!
Can't wait to see your yo yo project ... oh, and your GP quilt is fabulous too :o).
The rain up here is making our grass lovely and green again, and my plants are just loving it too. Everything's looking all freshly washed and sparkly :o).
Ethel xxxxxxx *mwah* ;o)

Allie said...

That turned out so pretty, Fiona - hopefully I'll get mine done before NEXT Christmas! Can't wait to see the yo-yo doily you've come up with. Love your plants - I tend to kill them immediately - the only thing I can grow are african violets, but they were looking a little weary of me, and I gave them to my mum. They like her a lot.

Good for you on being so frugal - I do think you need a reward! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Unknown said...

The quilt is beautiful,you did a wonderful job. I recently pulled out a quilting project I started a couple of years ago. Decided to hand quilt it instead of machine. It will take a while but that is okay, it means I don't have to buy any new materials to start new project for a good while.

prashant said...

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