Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Stock, New Kit, A Birthday and the Studio has moved !

Gosh it is only Tuesday but already I have had such a busy week it seems.
Yesterday a big box of Moda Yumminess arrived in the form of some Rural Jardin Bolts and Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls and Charm packs from the new Kansas Troubles range "Wrapped in Paisley" a very nice country coloured range. All are listed over at Ebay now.

Guess who was 1 year old on the 10th March? MADELIENE !! Can you believe she is 1 already? She had a little birthday party on Sunday. My lovely friend Sandra made this gorgeous Tinkerbelle cake for her.

Here are both Tom and Maddie - Tom wanted to grab the candles - the little rascal....... He did blow the candles out for her though.

My studio has moved back into the house for the time being. I find in the colder weather that I am not as motivated to work when I am not in the house so hopefully having it back inside will help to keep the mojo happening. All of this fabric does help of course.......

Mr MC was very helpful with moving everything but was a bit dismayed when I told him that I just had to have my cutting counter inside. It is a 3 man lift so he had to call in the cavalry to help. It is an old shop counter from the local post office and the perfect height for cutting. It is now under the window with the sunshine pouring in over it each morning. Bliss !!

Here is my latest finish and my latest kit offering. It is "Precious Things" by Leanne Beasley. I have made it up in the kit fabrics so that you can see just how pretty it looks. Have you seen this design before? It is just so lovely and perfect for keeping your precious sewing things safe. The kit is priced at just $32.00 which includes the pattern which you can use over and over again.

Besides finishing the sample I have ben working on a variety of projects including this one which will be released very soon.

A few of you have asked what I purchased at the gathering - Well here you go...... I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any fabric because as you can see from the previous photo's I do have quite a bit already. I did purchase some patterns, Perle Cotton, Rusty Bells and of course some Theodore Cleave Buttons. I am so much in love with those buttons that i have just placed an order with Barbara for quite afew of the ranges to be stocked in our store.

And the table runner from the gathering is progressing - This is the first stitchery and I am 1/3 of the way through the second one - Hopefully I will have it finished over Easter.

Bye for now,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home from the Gathering

It was a lovely day at the Quilted Crow's Gathering today. Both Gail & Marg were delightful and their projects gorgeous ! I have taken lot's of photo's so grab a coffee and enjoy the ride. This little journal was one of Marg's.

And this gorgeous bookmark with a hand painted button from the Theodora Cleave range - Talk about delightful - Those buttons are just divine.....

More Yumminess from Marg - Bookmarks

Gorgeous bag from Gail.

Table runner and needle book designed by Gail.

And a close up of one of the stitched panels on the table runner.

All of the lovely Journals, bookmarks and key chains designed by Marg

Aren't they lovely? There was also a book bag which you can see on the right hand side.

Another project by Gail. We all felt totally spoilt + there were some more delightful projects designed by Leonie and Deidre which I will show you another day.

You can see Leonie's lovely table runner in this photo and of course the display and shop area behind. I didn't go there at all - OF COURSE - Well maybe just 3 times - but everything that came home with me was really really needed........

I chose to start Gail's table runner today

Despite lot's of eating, laughing and chatting I did manage to get this much stitching done.

Jo was busy making a lovely bookmark for herself.

And the lovely Lisa & Jane admired the finished project.

Here we are all 7 bloggers.
Left to right - back Row
Marg, Helen, Jo, Lisa
Front - Left to Right
Gail, Moi & Jane
And here are the 6 challenged girls - In more ways than one - LOL
Helen won a lucky door prize of 6 pieces of fabric and challenged us all to make something from a piece by easter Tuesday - I wonder what we will all come up with?

It has been a lovely day of friendship and stitching. Now all we need is for Sandra to have a blog to join in the fun - Yes I know you are reading this Sandra !!
I am off now to finish my stitchery.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Off to the Gathering Tomorrow !!!

I am off to the Quilted Crow's Autumn Gathering tomorrow with tutors Gail Pan & Marg Lowe. The theme is "birds" so I am sure that we will see some interesting designs. It is so much fun to shop, stitch and eat yummy things in the company of some wonderful ladies. I will try to get through the day the best I can - LOL
I have been finishing a few of the designs I started a few months ago - This is a little sneek peek at a bag made from a place mat - It is made using some recycled fabric too so a real "frugal" project for gift giving.

How are you going with the bunny stitchery? Have you had time to do anything with it yet? Here are just a few of the items made using him. This pillow was made by Bev for her daughter for easter - It's so pretty.

And this lovely gift tag was made by Sandra - She reduced the stitchery down to tag size - Isn't she clever - What a great trim for her basket.

It is not long now until Easter Bunny visits. I am making all of the chocolate gifts for the littlies this year - All of this cost $15.00 - Chocolate, Moulds, Bags & Ribbon. It is much better value than the commercial ones which just seem to get thinner and lighter and more expensive each year. I will have the moulds for next year to re-use again. Spotlight have a great range if you are also thinking of making your own?
Well Ihad best be off - My beloved Geelong Cats play tonight so I have to get comfy with my stitching on my lap to watch them win !!
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flea Market Finds, Chicken Wellingtons + Ugly Progress

On a wet and cold Autumn morning we decided to go to the local flea market and have a wander. You never know what you will find. This morning I fell in love with this dresser. Isn't it just beautiful? I love the legs !! If you have been following my blog for a little while you will know that I am planning a shabby bedroom makeover and this dresser will be perfect for it. I will start sanding it this week and then will give it a bit of shabby loving.

I also found this lovely wrought iron towel rack which will be perfect for quilt displays - It too will receive a shabby makeover. I bought both for the grand sum of $100 which I think was fantastic.

If you want to see some more of this week's flea market finds in blog land POP ON OVER HERE.

I also found these this week at Spotlight. I am going to make new curtains as part of the makeover and these tie backs will be perfect.

I thought I would share my Chicken Wellington recipe with you today - They are a family favourite and are very easy to make. I use puff pastry sheets for this as they make it very easy. Slice your chicken breast in half through the fat part of the breast to make 2 thinner breasts. Cut your pastry sheet in half and lay a breast on each half. Place a small piece of bacon (1/3 of a rasher without the rind) and a sprinkle of cheese on the breast. Fold up both ends of the pastry and then tuck the ends under pressing to make it stick. Prick with a fork and place on baking paper on a baking tray in a 180 degree celcious oven for around 40 minutes.

Serve with my vegetable bake (back a few posts) and a nice gravy or pepper sauce which we love. This is a delcious hearty meal and a great budget buster - I made 8 Wellingtons from 1kg of breasts.

If you do not allow the pastry to completely defrost you can wrap each Wellington in glad wrap and then freeze until you are ready for them. Don't they look delicious?

It is still raining here this afternoon so we are about to watch some DVD's and maybe even light our first fire for 2010 and I will do some more work on my "Ugly Swap" item which is progressing slowly.
I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend !!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have a birthday gift coming.................

I am celebrating a milestone birthday this year and have just chosen my gift - Above is a little clue - I wonder what it could be?

Look at my Vintage Love........... I found this gorgeous Italian Glass Jar in a local thrift shop for $1.00 - With a wash with vinegar it has come up sparkling and looks great filled with some vintage buttons. Have you had any good finds at the thrift shop lately? I also found something yummy and french looking but I am working on something to show you with it so that will have to wait until next time........................

Just in time for easter I have had some lovely things arrive in store. This bunny ribbon trim is adorable at just 98c for 2 metres.

And some delicious looking Rounneries in dessert roll form - Yum !!

Have you felt this fabric yet? It has such a different luxurious feel.

I am currently using it in a few small projects - I will show you next time.

Thanks again for all of the lovely well wishes - I now have an appointment with a "specialist" so it is just a waiting game for now.

I am off to the Quilted Crow's gathering with Marg Low and Gail Pan next weekend - I am really looking forward to seeing their new designs.

How are you going with your Baseco bag? Mine has had her first outing and has become my "handbag" for now. If you have finished yours please leave me a message so I can pop on over and check it out.

Until next time,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bag Kits, A Little Sewing and a BIG Thankyou

Good Morning this bright and sunny Saturday morning. I firstly want to thank everyone that left a message or e-mailed me about my spots and subsequent health problems. I had my ride in the big machine only to find that now I have to go for a ride in another a bigger better one - LOL. The long and short of it is that the spots have turned out to be a warning of something not being right in this old head of mine so we are now going to get it all sorted out over the coming weeks. So for those of you that have said you are praying for me - Keep it up and thanks to everyone for thinking of me - It really does help.
How are you going with the Baseco bag pattern? Have you started yours yet? It is so easy to make and so much fun plus it is helping the people of Baseco. After chatting with Dawn the other day I have decided to offer pre-cut kits for those of you that are busy or do not like the cutting process. I have them in 5 different ranges and everything is included except the embroidery threads for $40.00 including postage within Australia. So now there is no excuse for not making a baseco bag - All you have to do is put it together. If you want to see if you can win one pop over to the Among The Gum Trees Blog where there is a draw for some kits as well.

Like lots of people I have completely fallen in love with the colours and textures of the French General fabrics. Rouenneries is the first range designed by Kaari Meng closely followed by Rural Jardin and now a new line coming out called Lumiere de Noel. If you haven't touched them yet find your closest store that stocks them - You are in for a treat - They look and feel gorgeous !!! This is a little thread holder that I have been making lots of lately from the Tutorial over at The Stitching Room.

It is so easy to make and perfect for sitting on the arm of my chair for night time stitching.

For those of you in the UGLY SWAP here is what my partner Peg sent for me to work with - I am afraid that the fat quarter that I sent her was much much uglier but I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it.

So today I am going to leave Peg's UGLY sitting in front of me on the sewing table to see if any inspiration hits - Wish me luck !!
Have a great weekend