Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stuck On The Merry Go Round

Sometimes it feels like you are stuck on a Merry Go Round and just cannot seem to get anywhere - The last week or so has been like that for me. It is a busy time for me with my day job until the middle of February so please forgive my absence. I will try to pop in as often as I can. For now here are a few more frugal ideas.
Do you like my little spray bottle? I have lots of these around my house. I decorate them with whatever I can find including fabric, scrapbooking stickers etc. I make my own Ironing Spray which I can also use as an Upholstery Freshner and as an Air Freshner. It is simply water and Essential Oil. I use Lavender or Rose & Geranium as they are my favourites just put water in your spray bottle and add the scent until you are happy with the smell. I put about 15 drops in mine. Ironing with this spray is so lovely and everything smells divine !!

Last Sunday I cooked Roast Chicken for dinner. This is a favourite in our home and is also quite an economical meal. I usually roast 2 chickens and use the left over meat for our sandwiches throughout the week.

When I cook roasts I only ever put them in water to cook.

Once the roast is cooked you are left with a lovely stock which I drain through a sieve and cool. One it is cool I take off the fat from the top and then freeze. This stock is a fantastic base for casseroles, soups etc and costs nothing.

We all have leftovers each week and since it is BBQ weather here in Tassie at the moment we have had quite a few barbeques. I keep the leftover rissoles and sausages and place into a foil tray. I make a gravy to go over the top and then freeze. This makes a lovely meal served on mashed potato and carries that lovely BBQ flavour.

It is also the time of the year for Tomatoes. If you haven't grown your own it is the best time to buy them in bulk as they are usually cheaper and the supply is good. One of my lovely blog readers Susan has sent me the following recipe which sounds delicious. Just as soon as my tomatoes have ripened I intend to make some of this :-

5.5 kg (12lb) ripe tomatoes, sliced
500gm (1lb) apples, peeled, cored and quartered
500gm (1lb) onions, roughly chopped
500gm (1lb) sugar
Wedge of pumpkin, chopped
250gm (½lb) salt
1 tspn nutmeg
1 tspn curry
½ tspn dried chilli
½ tspn cayenne pepper
12 cloves
850ml (2 pints) vinegar
Optional: other herbs and spices – paprika, basil, oregano

10 Recycled large jars

Put all into an extra large saucepan, bring to boil. Then simmer for 2 hours.

To prepare jars. Wash in hot soapy water, let drain. Bring a kettle of water to boil or have a small saucepan boiling on the stove. Put each jar through this boiled/boiling water, rinsing inside and outside, cleaning soap off and placing upside down on sink. Do the same with the lids. Don’t need to towel dry.

Using a food processor, or rubbing through a sieve or such item, in batches, process until it looks like sauce. Fill jars, sit on a chopping board or thick newspaper, on bench, place lids on tightly and let them cool. Usually overnight, then pack on shelves.

This quantity will make 10 large jars (the size of Chicken Tonight or Kan Tong or Dolmino)

Sounds Yummy doesn't it?

Another great way to save some $$ is to use vouchers. Lots of companies offer them these days. My husband and I love to watch movies and instead of watching them at the cinema when they first come out we now wait until they are released on DVD which is sometimes only a few weeks after they have finished. Our local store that we use oftens gives us vouchers like the one above which is 3 movies for $7. We watched 3 New Release Movies and had the DVD's for 3 days for just over $2.30 per movie in the comfort of our own home.
You really can't beat that.

It is so important as part of your frugal living to buy items whilst they are on special. I check out the local supermarket specials each week on-line and write myself a list of products that I use on a regular basis. Items usually come on special every 6 - 8 weeks so when buying them try to get enough to see you through until it next comes on special.

I have been working on a few projects each night - Some I can reveal to you and some I can't - When I next post I will show you some of my new designs and also a few sneak peeks but only if you are good........ have you been good??

Anway I will be off now - Take time to smell the roses - We need to keep reminding ourselves of that.


trendy georgia said...

Great idea re the chicken I MUST do this. I have been ottling pasta sauce too, different recipe that i got from the Grassroots magazine (My all time favourite read!). I also loved the spray bottle advice. I find the essential oild expensive though but still may do this. I also have a lot of dries lavender i wonder if this would work in a spray bottle as well.
Im in dire need of inspiration for frugal living at the moment and find your post inspirational. Thanks

Jo in TAS said...

Some great frugality there and that "Blog-O-naise" sauce sounds delicious!

Allie said...

Cute spray bottle - love the tips! And of course I've been very, very good.....*crosses fingers behind my back*

Dianne said...

Thanks for the good tips. I am definitely going to make my spray water smell pretty.

Sarah said...

You certainly are giving us some great tips here Fiona!
Looking forward to the next instalment
x Sarah

Christie Cottage said...

OH, you have made me hungry!

I love your spray bottles! Cute!

Rae Ann said...

I loved all of your ideas. Thanks for the recipes and the how to's. :)

prashant said...

Some great frugality there and that "Blog-O-naise" sauce sounds delicious!

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Melinda said...

I have never thought to bottle Blog-O-naise sauce, and being a vegetarian, your recipe is perfect for me to try.