Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is Coming..........

I suppose that you didn't really need for me to tell you that - We can all feel it looming. There is sewing still to be done, baking, cleaning and wrapping.
I am down to just 4 projects left to complete - I will be much more organised next year - HAHA - I say that EVERY year. Why is it that we run out of time?

At least the house is decorated. We eat in the formal dining room on Chrismtas Day and have the table decorated which means that I will have to find new homes for the ornaments on this side buffet which is where we serve the food.

And this vase will have to be relocated for the day. I use all of my good china on Christmas Day. Do you have any little family traditions for Chrismtas lunch? Hubby's mum always makes our brandy sauce for our Christmas Pudding . How do you serve your pudding?

A new offering on the christmas buffet this year will be these delicious Lemon Tarts that I have discovered at Bakers Delight. I heat them slightly and then serve with scooped creamy french vanilla ice cream - DIVINE !!! Try one before the season ends - You will not be disappointed.

The little peoplemake Chrismtas so special. Yesterday afternoon Tom had a plate of fresh raspberries from the garden and decided to host a tea party for some of his festive friends. Poor Santie was forced to eat his raspberry - I could hear his screams of protest but in the end he succumbed.

Just a few little morsels left. They are so much fun aren't they? So many lovely memories and of course Grandma was there with camera in hand as usual - I just can't help myself.

I hope that you are trying to relax and are not too rushed. I am off to do battle at the supermarket this morning - Wish me luck !! Luckily I have ordered my Turkey & Ham so they won't be a problem.
Festive Hugs,


Jo in TAS said...

Think I'll have to pay a visit to Baker's Delight!
Only tradition at our place is Bacon and Eggs for breaky and we always follow dinner with Trifle, yummo!

Unknown said...

I love bowls of balls ! Have a great Christmas Fiona and thanks again for organising a fantastic advent swap !

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

tradition is what Christmas is all about huh. I am off to pick up a BIG fresh Salmon that I ordered from the Salmon Farm nearby, (well will pick it up on Thursday!)MERRY CHRISTMAS Fiona, enjoy your family!!

Joy said...

Naughty Fiona!!!! Fancy putting piccies like that delectable lemon tart on your blog where unsuspecting sweet-tooths like me will stumble upon them!!! Now because of you I've got a pack of 8 of those tarts just waiting for me for after dinner tonight. Trouble was, they had a taste test of the lemon tarts at Baker's delight when I bought mine, so I KNOW I'm gonna enjoy my dessert tonight LOL - I promise to stop at just one!!!
I do LOVE the piccy of Tom's tea party though ... that's so cute!!!
Joy :o)

Joy said...

Ooops, pack of six .... well, that's not so bad on the hips :o)!!!
Joy :o)

Mistea said...

Little people sure do make Christmas special - I had one ask me today what I had asked Santa to bring? I had to think of something quick. Only tradition in our family is that presents can't be opened until everyone is present and you have to wait until after you have eaten.

Sarah said...

HI Fiona!,

What a lovely lot of photos there! I might be tempted to walk down the road and try a tart...

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas time and a safe and health 2010.


Micki said...

It's a shame I am thousands of miles from you...I would have stopped by for some of that delicious food!

Margaret said...

First thanks for the Advent Swap it was a lot of fun selecting presents wrapping and then to get a big parcel of gifts, Wow factor. Our tradition is a stuffing that went in the crop of the turkey it used the liver of the turkey. These days the Turkeys are frozen and I make this pork mince, pine nuts and a handful of mixed herbs stuffing in a tin and we serve it hot with the meats.

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

Merry Merry Christmas Fiona!! Thank you so much for my swap gifts from the SSCS swap. I loved everything and already have my needles in the new needle keep. I will treasure everything.
hugs and happy New Year!!