Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Catch Up - Image Heavy Post !!

It seems that the last few weeks have just gone by in a flash and I seem to be getting nowhere fast. It is so close to christmas now which means that I still have lots to do. I have been buying a few gifts to go with handmade items and have arranged a shopping day with the girls next Saturday and then the retail part of Christmas should be over for me.

One of my gifts to myself arrived through the week. Remember when I was asking you all about a good stitching lamp? Well this is what I decided on. It is a Ott-Lite daylight lamp with a magnifying glass to put over your work to save those tired eyes. I have to admit that I haven't stitched very much all week so have not really tried it out much but I intend to overload it with work this week.

Yesterday Sam and I took Maddie and Tommy to "The Wiggles". Maddie enjoyed the first 10- minutes and then dropped off to sleep. Tommy on the other hand loved it.

He didn't take his eyes off them and danced and jigged for 1 and 1/2 hours. I have to admit I did sing along to a few tunes !!

Rod and I have spent the morning in the garden. With all of the rain we have had and then this lovely sunshine the growth has been amazing. Our paddocks are almost hip deep in feed. The vegetable garden is growing beautifully - Especially now that we have fenced it to keep the hens out. The plants actually stay in the ground now.

There is still a lot of weeding to be done. You can almost watch the weeds grow at the moment.

The Broad Beans are ready to be picked. I can see a lot of blanching and freezing going on here soon.

Our Stella Cherry Tree is in it's second year and has fruit ready to ripen.

And remember those Tayberries that I planted some months ago? They are really well fruited and beginning to ripen.

This is today's collection from the garden. Silverbeet, Rhubarb and Broad Beans. I have a few cake recipes using Rhubarb so I thought that I might try one.

I don't think that I have shown you our turning circle roses before? They are so pretty when they are all in bloom like this. They look like a big carpet.

The pink and white look so lovely together.

And white roses line the path to our front door.

This is the place to relax here in Summer with a nice ice cold drink. That thing in the left of the photograph (Stepper machine) has cobwebs on it - I use it for decoration only - Ha Ha !! So the morning has been spent in the garden and after lunch I will be spending a few hours up in the studio finishing off a recent design and of course the finishing touches to my swap gifts.
I will be back through the week to show you some of my finishes.
Have a great week.



Allie said...

That light looks great - sometimes I can't get close enough to my work. I'm so afraid I'll poke myself in the eye!
Tommy looks absolutely mesmerized, how fun!
Your garden is ASTOUNDING. Your roses are beyond lovely - my goodness Fiona! Such bounty!

Gloria J W said...

Ohh Fiona....pretty flowers. My garden is non-exsistent!! Just full of good intentions. I noticed that my pot plants are just about hopping to the tap themselves to get a drink!! I have been sewing though and today I really must clean... such a bore when there's stitching looking alluring and singing siren songs. Rainbow smiles Gloria
PS I have been to work from 5am - 11am - that's my excuse!!

Unknown said...

Wow Fiona...
Your garden is beautiful! Oh, Tommy reminds of my Mike; he too would bounce and never stop moving as long as there was music (circus, theatre, movies, etc) and he loves to dance still...Poor Maddie must have been just tired! lol...Hope you get the chance to use your ott light with/'ll love it!

Isabella said...

Fiona the gardens are doing really well after all that rain we had, I noticed on the way to Hobart even the midlands highway was green not the usual brown. You are going to be wondering how you ever managed without your new light I think I'd go into shock if mine stop working I'd think what can I do now :-)

Dawn said...

Hi Fee Fee, your garden looks in full bloom.... I loove your Roses and the pink ones are so do you keep up with such a big garden...rhubarb.. yummo... my favorite esp in apple pie... with runny custard.. LOl...
Hugs and happy stitching..
Dawn x xx

Margaret said...

Roses and the green of the fields are enough to start singing wiggle songs, happy to hear you had a good relaxing time .

Liz said...

Thanks for the tour of your garden, gorgeous roses, ours are magnificent this year with all the rain and now early hot weather. I love the carpet roses, great show offs aren't they? Heading to the post office in the morning too!

zigzago said...

Hi Fiona, it looks you have a beautiful garden and house. Have a nice and creative week too! Renata.

Sarah said...

ALl those flowers are beautiful! What a great looking vegie patch. Yummm rhubarb. We mix it with stewed apples and have it as crumble - yummmmmo. I hope my mum remembers to bring some rhubarb from her garden for me tonight!

Emma said...

Hi Fiona, your roses are beautiful.

I am sure you will be happy with the ott-lite. They are fantastic.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

I am completely in love with your garden - the veggies, the soon do you want me to move in?! ;-)