Friday, October 16, 2009

Have You Seen My Mojo?

Have you seen my mojo? I seem to have lost it? I have lost my burst of energy and creative spirit at the moment. I have battled the flu for almost 2 weeks and in the middle of it took a short road trip/holiday with a friend and I just haven't been able to get motivated since. I have many projects on the verge of being finished with just a few bits left to do but still they sit in a big pile..........................
What do you think of my new wooden box? It was a thrift find and will be used for display at the Oatlands Festival this weekend and The Royal Hobart Show next week.

Whilst browsing the markets in Victoria last week I managed to find this gorgeous 3 metre piece of Robyn Pandolph for just $6 per metre - What a bargain !! I have no idea what I am going to make with it but it is very soft and pretty.

On the garden front my seeds that I planted a few weeks back have started to emerge and it won't be long before they are ready to transplant into the garden.

And the tomato seedlings are still living in pots under the eaves until the final danger of frost is behind us and then they can also be moved into the garden bed. Hobart Show week is the traditional time in our area to plant out tomatoes but just to be safe I am going to leave it for another week after that.
If you happen to see my mojo out there somewhere please drop me a line - I would really like it back - LOL



Carin said...

Fiona when you find your mojo let me know where it was hiding maybe mine is there too. HUGS

It's A Wonderful said...

Mine too! They must all be hanging out together. Darn Mojo!

Allie said...

Mine seems to be on holiday too! I'm stitching Jenny's designs but that's about it. I think knowing Christmas is coming is paralyzing me - no buying gifts this year so the burden is on me to produce, lol!

Maggi said...

Flu leaves you drained at the best of times but you have been so busy of late no wonder your mojo is hiding. Hope you find it soon

Contented Caroline said...

I'm afraid I can't help you find your mojo - mine is missing too, maybe they are holidaying together! I hope you find it soon though.

Cardygirl said...

It is just resting ready to spring out one day soon! You have been busy & sick will be back!

Liz said...

Maybe it's at the show - your mojo? So, it will be back soon enough ready to play again. ;O)
Haven't even potted any tomatoes yet, don't trust the weather here either, but the weeds are growing well enough with all this rain.
Have a good weekend.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Gorgeous Fiona!

First of all, I hope you feel better soon sweetheart!

As for mojo - I think mine is a mischievious child, because as soon as I stop looking for it... it gets bored and comes back to find me!

Look after yourself sweetie! And I keep meaning to write to you and thank you for the beautiful Mary Engelbreit panel that made its way to me... just stunning! Thank you!

Hugs and love!
Vikki xoxo

Vicki ♥ said...

Hi darling Fee....I hope you find your mojo soon and that pesky flu has gone. I love that fabric you got and I am sure you will make some beautiful from it. I lost my mojo a while ago but I think its decided to come back from its holiday. hugs Vicki

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Fiona,
i think 'flu has a nasty habit of hitting you where it hurts the crafting mojo has been similarly affected. I want to , but can't seem to be bothered.
Don't worry I'm sure it will come back ... it better i have stuff I want to do too LOL

Jo in TAS said...

Hey Fiona!
Hope you're feeling better and had a successful time at Oatlands, see you at the Hobart Show!

Margaret said...

rearrange mo jo to JOOM and away you will be going flu left behind and on your way again.

Unknown said...

Find your favourite ever fabric and sit it on your lap . Close your eyes and rest when you open your eyes look under the fabric and wala!! there's your mojo . Hope it works for you !

Kylie said...

Maybe your mojo is hiding with mine. I seem to have accumulated a lot of fabric and half finished projects and am now feeling overwhelmed. I have xmas pressies and decorations to make as well as all these half finished projects. I have decided I am going on Becs fabric diet and am not starting anymore new projects until after xmas. I am putting aside all half finished projects and only working on xmas gifts and decorations. Well it sounds good in theory anyway. Hope you are feeling better soon and maybe when you are your enthusiasm will kick back in. Kylie xxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Every creative person (and that means YOU dear one) needs times of 'drought'...and I think that's so they don't burn out. When the rains of creativity fall once again it is wonderful, refreshing, and totally absorbing. Your mojo is just recharging darling.
Love that fabric!!!

Marita said...

Hope you're feeling better, I know that feeling of lots to do, but not so much energy. Goodluck with the shows, you'll be a hit with all that gorgeous fabric. take care, Marita

Micki said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I know you will do great in the show!

Cubby House Crafts said...

Hope your mojo returns soon and your feeling better! sound like you need a relaxing day at the quilted crow gathering with Leanne and Rosalie! Not long now! lisa

Nicky said...

My mojo recently returned and it was refreshed and ready to go - I feel almost over productive since its return and just hope my cleaning mojo finds it way home soon to clean up all the dust bunnys. IO am sure yours is just having a pre christmas sabbatical

Cathy said...

Hello Stranger,
I reckon your Mojo and my Mojo are on holidays together...I have a huge case of the "cant be bothereds" too!! Hope they both stop playing around and return to us both soon!! Cathyx