Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Advent Swap Gift Giving Ideas

How are you going with your advent swap gifts? I have been putting lots of bits and pieces aside for my partner. Through our e-mails we have discovered that we have very similar tastes which has made choosing items for her much easier. Don't forget that your partner needs to receive your completed parcel of all gifts well before the 1st December so please allow enough time for it to arrive.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to give you a few ideas of little things which you could purchase for your partner :-

Auction sites are also a great source of bargains. Ebay of course is a favourite of most people. Here are just a few bargains I found this morning :-

Sewing Accessories for just $2.00

Wow 4 Yo Yo Makers starting at hust 99c

Australia also has another auction web site. OZTION. Have you seen it before? Here are a few bargains from sellers over there :-

This Quilting panel for just 75c with this seller - They have a massive range of panels


Terracotta buttons for just $2.00 HERE

All of these items would be loved by your partner. Of course you may want to make your items yourself - You can also add sweets and chocolates every few days so that your partner can keep up their energy levels throughout their busy December. You might like to add a handy hint each day or even a favourite recipe? The possibilities are endless.

I hope that you are enjoying getting to know your new friend?


Liz said...

Mmmmm, thanks for all those great tips Fiona, LOL! I have to say I'm really enjoying this swap, helps when you have an excellent partner!! Freezing here today, must be cold down your way too??

Barbara said...

This is such a cool site, I am loving it, hope to see lots more, will take a while to see it all, good work girl.
Another Farm girl, Barbara

Valeriacrea said...

These ideas are very similar to mine ^_^ I'm almost ready for the swap, I think I will send before the end of October.
Kisses, Valeria

Nickels said...

My parcel is still ready! And my ideas are similar to the great tips. I will send the parcel at the end of the next week, it has a long way ;))).

Hugs Nickels