Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Inspires You?

So what inspires you? I know for me it can be many things but my garden is always on top of the list. We are fortunate to live in a semi-rural area where we have land to grow lots of plants and have beautiful bird life. Listening to the birds always makes me smile.

The garden is always full of suprises. Sometimes when we plant things we have no idea what the finished product is going to be like and even how it will grow. I bought 2 small geraniums last year in a tiny pot from a chain store. They had no label so the only identifier was the leaf. It turns out that they are creeping geraniums and have grown beautifully. I am eagerly awaiting flowers to see what I get - How fun is that? I am sure that once they have flowered that they will feature in a stitchery.

Another thing that inspires me are "buttons". I love looking at them and playing with them and choosing them. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of "sorting" buttons for my grandmother and the love affair with them continues today.

I am currently working on a set of stitcheries which incorporate both. I love "quotes and sayings" that have meaning. I have a large collection of them which I have collected over a period of years. This one is lovely "Stars are the flowers of heaven........" Isn't that just so sweet?

Hubby and I spent the day yesterday in the garden - Manual Labour and I are not a perfect match and last night when I came inside I was literally hobbling. Kate and Amy suprised me with a beautiful hot spa - complete with Rose Petals, Candles & some craft magazines - I felt so much better after that. It was a lovely thoughtful gesture and was very much appreciated.
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Hugs for today.........................


Allie said...

I have no clue what inspires me - but quotes do, and buttons, and nature, I guess almost anything! I love your little stitchery and saying.
I'm really surprised you ever got out of that tub - I don't think I could tear myself away, lol!

Wendyb said...

Hi Fiona,
lots of things inspire me...fabric especially - the colours and patterns often lend themselves to a certain design....and being a teacher, kids and their sayings!!! I love stitcheries too and have quite a collection of sayings for these from various sources. Other quilters are my greatest inspiration though...especially since beginning, oh man, so much inspiration, I could burst!!
By the way, I'm with Allie on the whole tub thing...I'd never want to get out...wrinkly prune or not!!
;o) Wendy B

Scottish Nanna said...

what inspires me is looking at other peoples craft work on their blogs I wish that I was as clever as some of them HMMMM I am dreaming again LOLI love your hot tub it looks so inviting lucky you.
Hugs Mary.

Mistea said...

I am inspired by my surroundings - a good excuse to walk around the neighbourhood and look in other peoples gardens. I like to read poetry and find the words inspiring, like you I have a collection of quotes. Beautiful stitchery and saying. Thanks for sharing.

Chookyblue...... said...

there is always something different happening in the garden.....

wished i had a spa to hop into after all my work lately.........

Terri said...

How did you ever even get out of that tub?!!! My goodness what a treat!!
Everything inspires brain runs 90 to nothing all the time and I can't get it all done fast enough. And I love to see what others do....

Julia said...

That spa looks so inviting!
I get inspired from a quilt design sets off inspiration for another and so on..
Julia ♥