Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mystery Marathon Day & some Nutty News !!

Well Jo, Cathy & I attended the Mystery Quilt Marathon on Saturday and had a fantastic 12 hours of laughing, sewing & eating. I managed to complete 2 blocks on the day and have the rest to put together so just a few hours away from completing the quilt top which was just lovely. The event was a fundraiser for Helen's daughter for the World Youth Challenge and hopefully they made a nice dent in her target.

Sunday morning was spent pampering Mr MC (Mother's Cupboard) and Sunday afternoon spent designing a few little christmas projects before the family came for a nice father's day dinner. Above is a little project that I am working on at the moment which is all about "family".

I am using rayon threads for this project and am finding it very nice to work with.

Also I have some really "nutty" friends who are having some sort of announcement next week in blog land - Stay Tuned for further details - It is sure to be really exciting.



Liz said...

OK then, I'll wait for the nuts will I, lol.

Isabella said...

Glad you girls hd a good time Sat,is that a family pattern your designing??

Jo in TAS said...

Hee! Hee! There's a blogspiracy (conspiracy) happening in blogland with all this secret squirrel stuff!!

Jo in TAS said...

PS Looking forward to seeing your "FamilY" project complete!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hmmm guess I will hang in for the nuts too, don't keep us waiting too long Fiona

Julia said...

Hmm..looks interesting Fiona..
looks like something beautiful happening there!...
OK....Waiting for the nuts..
Julia ♥

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Paula! :-)

So glad you had fun at the quilting marathon! :-) I look forward to seeing your new projects and finding out more about those nuts! he he he

Hugs! Vikki xx

Pauline said...

Hi Fiona,

Glad you girls had a lot of fun on Saturday we all sure did.
We raised $245 and ate drank and laughed our way all thru the day..a great girlie day.

Christine said...

Sounds like the marathon was lots of fun ... look forward to seeing your quilt.

Micki said...

Glad that you had a good time!