Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buds of Spring

I can see from my garden that the buds of spring are upon us. Hopefully that means that the warmer days are just around the corner as well. I yearn for the rays of spring sunshine which give our whole home a new look and feel as the sun streams through. It also gives me lots more motivation to get things down after a day at work.

Although last night I sewed all night after dinner and have almost completed a "secret project" above. Just a few finishing touches tonight and it will be ready for machine quilting.

For those of you that have signed up for the advent swap please be sure to check your e-mails. Jo and I have sent out partner e-mails last week and we are still waiting to hear from some of you. If you have not e-mailed us within the next week we will have to re-assign partners.

I have also joined Jenny's August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge. I am still mulling over ideas and will begin this project in the next day or so.

Until next time,



Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

And here, in Mid-Atlantic USA, the dogwood trees are showing the first blush of reddened edges, the first sign of autumn, though we still have another month or so of summer.

Chookyblue...... said...

I can't find my reply so I though I had better atleast leave a note here I am good and starting to plan the Advent parcel

Jeni said...

how pretty are all those flowers....
you can be sad..... and then look at flowers and they will make you happy

The Pink Poodle said...

hi fiona..sorry missed a few of your blogs..
I dont think I have you in my sidebar so not sure what is going on..
(eldest son is home from qld next week..& HAVE TOLD HIM he is helping me make my blog better!!)...

anwyay..PLEASE BRING on spring..
I am sick of this cold weather now..(other son loves it though re his skiing)..
BUT then again..they are saying this summer in melb may be worse re fires than last summer!!
soo I dont want another 47 degree day...just a nice 25 would suit us both .. dont you think??

xx andrea