Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Catch-Up

It has been another wet and miserable weekend. I have spent much of it in the car running the girls around or picking them up. The price we pay for living in a rural area and sending them to a school in the city........... I am about to go out again to collect Kate from her friends and then hopefully I can spend the rest of the afternoon in my studio.

Here is a little peek of my BOM that I am working on at the moment. I use Madeira threads quite a lot and find them really easy to work with. I have just used one of their variegated Rayon Threads for another project and that was fantastic to work with also and the end result was lovely. Once I have finished the project I will show you the end result.

In between trips yesterday I managed to stop off at one of my favourite bakeries and buy hubby and I a french vanilla which we enjoyed with a coffee for afternoon tea. Yummy ........

We are a single income family now that hubby is no longer working and as an excercise in budgeting I have been keeping a book of every $ we have spent for the week. I intend to do this for a few weeks to get a pattern of spending nutted out. After the first week I have been very very suprised at the results. We obviously spend way too much money in some areas and after the initial 4 weeks I should have a full picture of our spending habits and areas which need attention. Does anyone else out there keep a record of what they spend? I would be very interesting in hearing from you.

The flowers above were a gift from my Sammy - She knows how much I love flowers and often brings me a bunch. She also bought her dad a bag of licorice and sweets with a dear little card - for no reason but just to brighten his day - We are truly blessed to have such caring children.

Oh and did I tell you that that I have been re-named ------- Thomas now calls me Manny - He pronounces it Mannnnnnnny ...... Isn't that just so cute? Well off to hop in the taxi again and resume my duties. Big Hugs to you wherever you are .........

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sewing Machine Cover Finished

May I present my Sewing Machine Cover which I finished today for the "Sewing Machine Cover Challenge" organised by Jenny & Cheryl.

There are some great prizes up for grabs but you must have your cover finished before the end of the month. I designed this cover using a stitchery which I think says so much

"A Home is built of peace and love and not of wood and stone. A place where happiness lives and memories are sewn" My little machine will now be snug and cosy under her new cover.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Ready For My First Show .........

I am currently getting my supplies ready for my first outing as "Mothers Cupboard" I have booked a site at the Royal Hobart Show to be held in late October and have spent a considerable amount of time planning what to take and getting marketing material printed etc.

Over the weekend I cut lots and lots of Fat Quarters from my ever increasing collection of bolts.

They almost look too pretty to disturb don't they? This is my "shabby" box.

Here is my cutting and designing area. This is where I spend many hours cutting and sewing. I have designed a few small projects to take to the show as kits and a few bigger ones. I also have a BOM to offer from 2 other designers plus one of my own which is almost ready to leave the cutting table.

I am finally living my dream (well part-time anyway) and am so grateful that I have been able to give it a shot. I know that it is a long hard road but I am having lots of fun travelling down it.

Thanks so much for all of the e-mails and messages regarding my table runner. I am just so pleased that I have been able to share it with so many of you. I hope that you have fun making it. Don't forget to send me some pictures of your finished items.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Gift From Me To You

I hope that you are all having a good weekend? It rained most of the night here but today is a beautiful sunny day and very inspiring. Just dropped by quickly to give you that gift I promised. Here is a stitchery table runner which I designed recently - I want to give it to all of my blog readers with HUGS from me.

I love sentimental sayings and this one says "No Matter What, No Matter Where It is Always Home when love is there". I am currently working on a 16 part BOM which I have designed with "Love" Sayings - Stay Tuned.....

You can download the Instructions Sheet Here
And the stitchery Here

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost Another Finish ..............

My Best Friends grand daughter turns one on Saturday and this is the quilt that I have made for her. I have used some "Funny Baby" Panels designed by Amy Bradley for Moda. They are just the cutest little panels.

It just needs to be sandwiched, quilted and binding put on over the next two evenings ready for gift giving on Saturday.

I have had a few requests for updated photo's of the shop. The rest was too untidy to photograph tonight but I will try to tidy a little and take some more soon. Opposite this area is my work area which has 3 counters and numerous shelves - It is covered with projects at different stages. Next time I pop by my blog I have a suprise for you - Well a gift for you actually. Until then.............

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Antics

We have had a really funny week end with the weather. Yesterday was quite glorious with the sun streaming (as you will see in some of the following pictures) But we have just had a storm come over complete with thunder and lightening.

Above is the Strawberry Shortcake which I made on Thursday night from the recipe that Jenny put on her blog. It was very easy to make and very delicious. This one is a keeper for sure !

My shortbread was very yellow but that is because our girls are laying again - We are averaging around 4 - 5 eggs per day again now so I have plenty of cooking on the agenda today as well as an Egg & Bacon Pie for dinner this evening.

It is lovely to wander around some of the Aussie girl's blogs and read about spring rearing it's head in their gardens. I walked around my garden yesterday and looked at everything either in bloom or getting ready to burst out. Here are some of the bulbs that I planted at the beginning of winter.

This is some apricot blossom in our orchard.

And the white daisies are fairly common in our garden because they self sow themselves everywhere but they are one of my favourites.

Here is the sundial in the front garden circle of our home. Amy and Tommy are looking at and smelling a lonely little daffodil down in that garden. You can see in the left of the picture all of the trees that have died in the drought which we will replace in the coming weeks. I think that I counted around 12 established trees that died before we had all of this recent rain fall.

I am off to work for a few hours this afternoon but before I go I intend to do a little baking for the school lunches and upon my return I really want to begin my sewing machine cover for the Challenge..... Have agreat Sunday everyone !


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buds of Spring

I can see from my garden that the buds of spring are upon us. Hopefully that means that the warmer days are just around the corner as well. I yearn for the rays of spring sunshine which give our whole home a new look and feel as the sun streams through. It also gives me lots more motivation to get things down after a day at work.

Although last night I sewed all night after dinner and have almost completed a "secret project" above. Just a few finishing touches tonight and it will be ready for machine quilting.

For those of you that have signed up for the advent swap please be sure to check your e-mails. Jo and I have sent out partner e-mails last week and we are still waiting to hear from some of you. If you have not e-mailed us within the next week we will have to re-assign partners.

I have also joined Jenny's August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge. I am still mulling over ideas and will begin this project in the next day or so.

Until next time,


Friday, August 7, 2009

Look What's Arrived !!!

I am fairly certain that I have an addiction to Moda Pre-Cuts. I just love looking at them and of course touching them. I feel quite sad once I have untied the moda bow and have let the jelly roll unravel or the fat quarter bundle tumble. But nevertheless I am always pleased with the quality of the fabric and the ease of sewing. I am always happy with the item that I have made from it but I still do feel that twinge of sadness that I no longer have it in it's original form.

Look what has arrived at Mother's Cupboard - SANTORINI by Lila Tueller in Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Fat Quarter Bundles and 2 designs on the bolt.

Look what else I have ------ Vine Creek by Kansas Trouble Quilters for MODA. I have this in Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs and 2 Designs on the Bolt.
I love it when I have a MODA Delivery. Pop on over to the shop if you would like to see more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Advent Swap Partners & Catch Up

Jo and I have split all of the Advent swappers into two groups and now have our own groups to manage. You should have all received an e-mail now naming your swap partner. It is very important that you make contact with your swap partner within the next week. If you have any problems please e-mail us.

I have done a litle sewing over the weekend and almost have a "secret" project ready to put together and then send off for quilting to the lovely Sarah . Above is a tote bag made from a few strips of jelly roll - A very simple design but quite useful. I think that most of my family will receive their chrstimas gifts in one of these this year as they are the perfect size for taking to the shops.

Last weekend we popped into the Sunday markets which we like to do as often as we can. I found this gorgeous dinner plate which will look fantastic with sweet little cakes on it.

I have 4 days off now so hubby and I are going to catch up around the garden before the weeds finally take over.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christmas in July Swap Parcels Received

I have received my Christmas in July Swap gifts from Cherie (No Blog). Cherie made me a lovely Xmas Stocking, a Pot Holder, a Crocheted dish towel and also sent me some caramel popcorn (YUM !) Thanks so much Cherie - It did arrive with a damaged box and a letter from Australia Post to say that they had inspected it along with Quarantine. But it arrived eventually - Thanks so much.

Here are the items that I sent to my partner Michele over at Calico Daisy. I made her a snowman drawstring bag, a table runner from a Hatched & patched pattern, lots of little mittens to hang on her tgree and a stitched ornament and a few other goodies.

Thanks so much to Linda and Stephanie for organising the swap.

I really enjoyed making the table runner and have cut out another to begin in the next few weeks.

The weekend has been a wintery one. Above is the beginnings of a lovely Chicken and Vegetable soup that I made yesterday which kept away the winter chill. It has really been soup kind of weather.

For those of you that are waiting on your advent information Jo and I will be matching you all up in the next day or two.

I have had quite a productive day sewing today and have only just come in from the studio.

Have a lovely Monday !!