Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Been A Little While

It has been a little while since I blogged - And I have missed you all. I have popped by a couple of times but life has just got in the way lately. I have been doing a little sewing and designing as well as some work on my ongoing projects. Above is a picture of a little overnight tote bag and floor cushion that I made for my niece Matilda's 1st birthday. It is made from 2 x Flutterby Panels as well as some charms from the Clementine Range. I gave them to her last night and they were received very well. I have also finished my Christmas In July Swap Items and will show a peek of them just as soon as I have posted them off.
Here is my latest Shabby Roses block - I am looking forward to putting this one together - Not long to go now.

I have also had a little dinner guest quiet often. Here is Tommy my grandson - His mum now has her drivers licence so they have been much more frequent visitors.

Also I have been busy baking in the kitchen. I love to bake which comes second to sewing for me. I also like to eat the things that I bake which is not as good for the figure !!
Sign ups are still open if anyone would still like to join the advent swap. We are heading towards 100 participants which is great !!
Hugs ,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful little pressies I am sure your little niece loved them I have not started on the shabby roses quilt yet, but from what I have seen so far, it looks like it is a winner. xxx

Isabella said...

Looking good, love your shabby roses boot too

Sara said...

Love the butterfly presents. Glad she liked them! Cute little boy! And your baking looks yummy!

Micki said...

You have made some lovely things.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Fiona, I opened up my little parcel from your shop yesterday, and I LOVE the fabrics!! I am kicking myself now that I did not buy more of those charm squares...they are so ME. :-)

Like you, I love to cook, but we had a poky little kitchen that was quite dark and I lost the verve for a while. This house has a large, light and airy kitchen, lost of bench space...perfect to cook creatively again!

Your little grandson is such a cutey. :-)

Julia said...

Love your shabby roses boot too..I must make a start on mine!
I'd rather sew than cook, your baking looks yummy!
Julia ♥

Liz said...

Glad you're back, we've missed you,
Lizzie XX

Unknown said...

Nice to hear from you Fiona..ahh Little Tommy looks so Cute in his Tie...
Lovely Gifts you made.

Margaret said...

The next generation aren't they just wonderful little bundles of love. Tommy looks well nourished and no wonder from all that good food on the plates.

Anonymous said...

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