Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Step Closer to a Finish...........

Well I am getting there with these lovely wheat bag covers. I have all 4 in different stages at the moment but thought that I would show you how the front looks with the border. My 12 year old niece will be the first recipient and I am sure that she is going to love it.

If you want to make them too the pattern is in Homespun Volume 10 No 6 and it is designed by Lenora Jenkins who has a lovely blog HERE

I have various other projects at different stages at the moment and hopefully will have a few finishes to show you after the weekend when I get a little more time to stitch.

I hope that you are having a fantastic week. Only 2 more sleeps until Jenny over at Elefantz releases not 1 but 2 more blocks from her "FREE" Shabby Roses BOM.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Bit of Stitching

My favourite thing to do of an evening is to sit and stitch. This is usually after the dishes are done and the chores are completed. I usually spend some time on the weekend preparing projects to stitch. This is my first stitched panel for the wheat pack covers I showed you yesterday. I have used verigated threads which give it lovely hues. I have 3 more to go and will stitch them all differently.

I have also been knitting Tommy and Maddie new winter caps over the past week or so - They are now completed and given to them but I forgot to take another photo. The pink and white wool is "Shepherd" wool which I purchased at the Stitches and Craft Fair a few months ago in Melbourne. I purchased it in 3 colours and have lots more projects in store for it yet.

It has been raining here again - Apparently the wettest winter in 35 years. Everything is very very soggy but I am going to try to spend some time in the veggie patch this weekend. I also need to get some soil ready for the 200 raspberry canes that I have ordered and will be collecting on Sunday.

Don't forget the closing date for the advent swap is Friday so if you are still thinking about joining please do not take too long - It is going to be so much fun and we would really love it if you were to join us.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Weekend is over + Advent Update

Sadly the weekend is over after just 1 day for me but next weekend I will be able to spend some time at home which I am looking forward to already.
Look at all of this yummy EVA above. This range will be released by Moda soon (Basic Grey) and I am having so much fun working on a "secret" project with it. I have quite a way to go on this project but I am enjoying it very much.

Do you remember that I was telling you about some projects that I am currently making for gifts? I have cut out 4 of these lovely little stitched wheat pack covers. The pattern is in a magazine which is out in my studio so I will have to let you know the magazine and Volume later if you are interested.

I am making all 4 from a Charm pack of Deb Strain's "Love Is In The Air" + a bit of meterage. They are all for teenagers so I think that the fabric will be just right for them.

Here is a little peek at the projects that I had been working on recently for the "Christmas In July " swap. I will show you the items that I made just as soon as they have arrived at their destination.

For those of you that have signed up for the Advent Swap pop on over to the Advent blog in the next day or two for a few ideas and hints. Jo and I have decided to close the swap early on the 31st July so that we can partner you all up and give you some time to get to know one another. We have almost 100 swappers so if you know anyone that wishes to join please get them to e-mail me before the 31st. Partners will be released soon after.

I have a very exciting project to complete over the next week and I just wish that I could start right now but it is almost 10pm and I have to get up early for work and this girl needs her beauty sleep - LOL !!!!!!!

So have a great week and pop back to visit me soon.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Arrivals and Catching Up

Once again life has kept me away from my blog over the past week or so but I can see light at the end of that tunnel !! Hubby retires from work tomorrow and will become my "house husband" - We are both looking forward to it and I may just get some extra time to sew and blog in the near future !!
Look what has arrived at Mothers Cupboard this week !! All of the above fabrics are from Exclusively Quilters and can be found in my "What's New" page over at my web site. I have so many plans for these fabrics. The first one is a bag from the butterfly fabric with the orange stripe as a trim. Sam has spied off the top 2 for future projects for little Madeliene who I might add is growing out of her clothes at a very fast rate finally !!
These 2 bolts of Portobello Market from the Moda range are on sale for just $7.50 for a 1/2 metre in my store. And I also have a few copies of the book "Just Desserts" on sale at a $10 discount now down to $29.95. It has heaps of projects to make from Moda Pre-Cuts. Here are a few samples.......

I have decided that I am going to write up a to do list each month. One of my new years resolutions to myself was that all gifts throughout the year and at chrsitmas would contain at least 1 hand made item. I am slowly working towards that and have started a few projects in the last week which I will show you soon. One is just the cutest heat pack cover for my niece.

I have also signed up for two local sewing events this week. The first being Helen's Mystery Quilt In which sounds like heaps of fun. I have already warned my household that I will be "UNAVAILABLE" that day - For those of you that are not local you can sign up on-line.

I have also signed up for the Quilted Crow Girl's Christmas Gathering in October which is always heaps of fun. Guests are Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley.

Our garden is starting to come out of hibernation and hints of spring are showing through. Here is a Hycainth that I planted back in March.

And some self sown carnations reasy to burst into colour.

And the ever popular Eggs and Bacon which when in bloom always reminds me of the warmer longer sunnier days - I can't wait !!

I am off to work very soon and hope to have a play in my studio tomorrow. I will take some pics of my WIP's - I promise :)
I hope that wherever you are that you are happy, healthy and safe and are spending some time with those that you love. Until I drop by again................. Bye


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Been A Little While

It has been a little while since I blogged - And I have missed you all. I have popped by a couple of times but life has just got in the way lately. I have been doing a little sewing and designing as well as some work on my ongoing projects. Above is a picture of a little overnight tote bag and floor cushion that I made for my niece Matilda's 1st birthday. It is made from 2 x Flutterby Panels as well as some charms from the Clementine Range. I gave them to her last night and they were received very well. I have also finished my Christmas In July Swap Items and will show a peek of them just as soon as I have posted them off.
Here is my latest Shabby Roses block - I am looking forward to putting this one together - Not long to go now.

I have also had a little dinner guest quiet often. Here is Tommy my grandson - His mum now has her drivers licence so they have been much more frequent visitors.

Also I have been busy baking in the kitchen. I love to bake which comes second to sewing for me. I also like to eat the things that I bake which is not as good for the figure !!
Sign ups are still open if anyone would still like to join the advent swap. We are heading towards 100 participants which is great !!
Hugs ,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Butterflies & Blooms

Isn't this just the nicest Sewing Machine Cover you have ever seen ????? This beautiful one is designed by the very talented Rose at Threadbare Creations. Rose is having a give away of 3 patterns at the moment but if you do not manage to win one in her draw you can purchase one from my store now for just $14.00.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Come On In .........

Come on in and visit my partially finished shop. I am currently waiting on more shelving and another counter to arrive but you can get the general idea. So when you order from Mother's Cupboard On-Line Store this is where your items will come from.
Behind the counter is now my studio area which has all of my personal supplies, cutting area, ironing area and sewing machine. I am very happy with my new work area and spent a few hours in it today getting use to where I have put everything. I think that this will be a very inspiring area for me and hopefully I will become even more productive.

The mail man visited today - Yes on a Sunday - I wasvery impressed !! He delivered my Paper Bag Swap gift from Beth. Beth made me this lovely chair caddy which is a Hugs and Kisses pattern released by Helen for the Stitchers Angel Swap. I had this on my list of things to make myself as I made my partner one of them for the swap but now I do not have to worry because I have this beautiful version from Beth. She also made me a lovely scissor fob and scissor carry and also included a love 3 metre measure tape. Thanks so much Beth!!

This is what I sent Beth. I made her a project bag and needle book from her fabric and bits that she sent me. Thanks so much to Maree for organising the swap - It was a lot of fun.
I have heaps planned for the next week or so and have almost finished my Christmas in July swap items which hopefully will be posted later in the week. Sneak peeks to come in the next day or two.
I still have "flu" symptoms and am at day 8 of this dreaded lurgy. I do feel better than last week but still not 100%.
I am off now to visit with a few of you and apologies if I have been a little slow in getting back to you. I am slowly catching up.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quiet Time .............

Well it got me - The flu bug floating around our home finally wore me down and I have spent a few days at home quietly recovering. I did get a little sewing done in between stints in bed and pieced together the front of Tommy's Eye Spy Quilt.

I am pleased to say that it is totally from Stash so no need to delve into the shop stock or purchase anything new. It is now ready for sandwiching and quilting. I enjoyed sewing it and choosing all of the little 6 Inch Charm Squares.

The shop displays are coming together slowly and the shop is almost ready for "real"visitors. I have also started to move my studio into it as well which means that the grandchildren can have the spare room as a play room for when they visit.
Here is my MODA Pre-Cut Display. More stock is arriving every week.

I love looking at it all and of course picking it up. There are a few "new developments" happening at my on-line store - But they will be revealed next week. Stay Tuned.....

I apologise to those ladies that have e-mailed me and I haven't replied. I am slowly working my way through them.