Saturday, May 9, 2009

Come On In .......

I thought that this weekend that I would invite you all over and give you a quick trip around our nest and introduce you to a few other family members. Above is Toby aka Tobias (When he has been naughty) Some of you may remember when we brough Toby home at 6 weeks of age on New Years Day. He is 6 months old now and a dashing young man.
His best friend is "Billy" aka William (Also only called that when he has been naughty). Rod (DH) calls them Milo and Otis when they have little adventures in the garden together - They are so funny to watch. They are both treasured members of our household.

Our roses in the garden are just lovely at the moment and are giving us a final burst before winter.

A lovely Iceburg Rose with a delicious scent.

Double pink which smells like fairy floss.

Gorgeous Apricot

Another Double Rose

I bring fresh flowers into the house every weekend - this lovely little bunch have a very sweet aroma.

Here are the 2 items that I purchased last Sunday from the new little shop I found at Pontville. Both are going to be used in my new shop. The pram is perfect for holding bolts of fabric and the wooden box will hold fat quarters. They are currently living in our breeze through waiting for the shop to be painted so that they can start their new life

Here is my favourite room in the house our "Family Room". This is the room where I sit and stitch in my bean bag in front of the telly. It is the room just off the kitchen and dining area and the heart of our home.

This is my little studio room which I should be hiding from you because it is just so messy at the moment but I do have a fair idea where most things are. There are 2 large double door storage cupboards just out of the photo which hold all of my fabric and bits - They are another story - I am definetely not showing you them.

I will show you around a little more another time. Hopefully I can also show you some painted walls in our shop also.
Happy Mothers Day to all mums out there - I hope that you get thoroughly spoilt and have an enjoyable relaxing day.



Melinda said...

Lovely roses. Is there anything you can't do Fiona!

Margaret said...

Te last roses of the sason seem to smell the sweetest.Nice tidy work room, and your new purchases will look good in your shop. Sometimes it is the props that sell an item .

Contented Caroline said...

I am very envious of your sewing room Fiona, my 'sewing' room is the kitchen table. Not ideal when its time to cook and find bits of thread all over the stove!!

Liz said...

I love the last roses of Autumn, they just seem to ward off the cold and dark days. You do know that a tidy workroom means that nothing gets made in there don't you?
Hugs, Lizzie

Unknown said...

It was nice to meet members of your family and I love the roses. It is the beginning of winter her in New Zealand and the roses have finished apart from a few hardier ones.

Mistea said...

Thanks for inviting us over.. I enjoyed the look around and your four legged family members are gorgeous. I'm sorry I don't see any mess in that studio space! Enjoy creating.

Jossie said...

Your family members are so sweet. Can't imagine them ever being naughty. The roses are so pretty I can almost smell them.

Unknown said...

You have a wonderful selection of roses and they are so pretty!

I enjoyed the tour of your home. You have a nice sewing room where you can shut the door and not look at it when things get really messy.;D I don't have a sewing room.....I use my dining room table.:-(

Anonymous said...

What adorable pets you have. Like you, I call mine different names depending on what they are doing!

Your roses are divine. The white is my favorite.

I enjoy seeing where my blog friends create their hand-made treasures. What a lovely space you have to work in.

Enjoy your weekend.

Peggy said...

Hi Fiona, I am looking forward to seeing all of these items in the shop, I am sure you have a flair for arranging them in the best possible way to show off your fabrics.Lots of photos soon please!

Mimi said...

I loved the peek into your life. The pets are adorable & your roses are breathtaking.

I wish I had room for a craft room!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh, your roses are GORGEOUS!! I just *love* roses! I felt so privileged to have a wander through your home...what a lovely atmosphere to create! :-) Of course, I'm so disappointed that I'm not down that way to come visit your shop...perhaps one day. I've always wanted another trip to Tassie!

Narelle said...

Your roses are glorious! Sadly mine a feeling neglected.
Topy looks so sweet... I think Billy has a look that he's planning his next naughty-ness.

Narelle said...

Ooops! Missed that boo boo when I proof read, I meant 'Toby'.

Pauline said...

wow, these roses all at your house!!! You must be some green thumb..I know I have 2 rose bushes and dh takes to them every year and chops and chops...they seem to live...ha ha..Love your blogs they are always so cheery!!

Terry said...

Your roses are beautiful! :0)