Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maddie is Home !!!!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those that have wished Maddie well here on my blog or have e-mailed me privately. I am very pleased to report that she came home on Wednesday and is doing really well. We went to visit last night and spent a few hours with them. She is the sweetest little dot...... Sam is glad that she is home and is looking forward to watching her grow.

I am planning a welcome home Maddie party and have spent the past few days jotting down food lists and shopping lists. Of course the party will have a "pink" theme and it will be an opportunity for all of our friends and family to finally meet Madeliene. I have today purchased Pink Plates, bowls, napkins and Champagne Flutes which of course will contain "pink" champagne. I am thinking a Pink Mudcake, pink lamingtons, pink jelly cakes and pink cupcakes. Anyone have any other pink ideas?
Our garden is still producing well at the moment. The above photo is of today's harvest. Spring Onions, Peas, Rhubarb, Tomato's and Broccoli. The rhubarb will become a crumble which we adore, but not today after having walked every square inch of old Hobart town today with my 2 youngest daughters I am in for an easy night tonight.
I did manage to sneak into a needlework and fabric shop and purchased this lovely pattern and fabric. The fabric is for a little gift that I am making for Madeliene's party which I would like to work on tonight.
I haven't forgotten my giveaway and will put it up in the next day or two.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news.

Unknown said...

Such terrific news about Miss Maddie. Now the fun begins, enjoy.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Congratulations...finally she's home...enjoy every precious moment Fiona.
Great harvest too!!!
I have had this pattern for a while and not made it up yet...would love to see yours when finished...
Of all the joys that brighten suffering earth, What joy is welcom'd like a Newborn Child!
Caroline Norton...Irish Writer
Have a great day and I too shall lift up a glass for dear sweet Maddie♥♥♥

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Fiona,
Oh you are so lucky, it is so wonderful that Maddie has done so well, and it must be great for you all having her home. Now Sam can spend some real time with her, and they can get used to being a family together. I look forward to seeing some pikkies of her regularly of course! And don't forget to post a pikkie of Maddie's finished project

pams pretty designs said...

Hi Fiona,thats lovely news,you all must be so happy,best wishes,Pamx

Shorty said...

Hi Fiona, I sure wish I could fly home for Maddie's party, I will be thinking of you.
Keep some Rhubarb for me when I do get there ok!
Love Shorty

Melinda said...

Your veges look really healthy. You definitely have a green thumb.

Mistea said...

Enjoy your newest family member as much as the rest. Excellent news that she is able to join you all in a very special pink celebration. Enjoy your break Fiona.