Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Baking & Spring Swap

Easter time is one of my favourite times of the year - I usually have a little time off over the break but this year I will have 2 whole weeks starting tomorrow which will be fantastic. I am looking forward to catching up with friends and family as well as tidying my home and garden. There may even be a day or two for stitching.
It is traditional here at work that you must bring a cake when it is your birthday. My birthday is in the 2 week period that I have off so last night I baked these little white mud nests as my birthday cakes for the girls at work.

I have also just posted off my spring swap gifts to my partner across the waves. Want a sneak peek?

I really enjoyed this swap and especially because it gave me an excuse to buy some more fabric :)

I hope that you are having a great Friday and are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.


Unknown said...

Have a Good Break Fiona...those Cupcakes look they taste Great Too.!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty stitching.
And, the nests look yummy.
Have a relaxing break.

Melinda said...

Your nest cakes look pretty, and tempting.

Selina said...

those cuppys look soo yummy!

Rose Johnston said...

Those look yumm! Have a great break and a wonderful birthday!

Jeni said...

Hi Fiona
those cakes look yummy...are you going to share the recipe ...and also have a great break.... your birthday must be near mine I and the 12th Easter Sunday

Lou said...

Those cakes look adorable - the perfect thing for girls at work. Hope you have a great break and have a happy birthday.

Unknown said...

That cupcake looks delicious! White mud nest? I've never heard of this. Is it a special recipe? I bet they went over really good.

pams pretty designs said...

Hi Fiona,those cakes look scrumptious,hope you have a lovely break,Pamx