Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Catch-Up

I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend. Yesterday was a bright and sunny day but today has been quite steamy - It rained most of the morning and then became very muggy. Great weather for the vegie garden. Our tomato crop is fantastic and we are getting so many tomatoes. I am going to need to make something with them tomorrow night to make sure that we utilise as many as we can. I am thinking an italian style pasta sauce so will have to google some recipes later. I have fresh basil in the garden so I can use that as well. Our broccoli and cabbages are going really well as are the spinach, silver beet, pumpkin and carrot seedlings. I have purchased heaps of seeds lately to start off and would really love to buy a glass house. But I have so many other things to spend on at the moment so it will have to wait.
The wedding went really well. Here are the happy couple - Jeremy & Sarah.

Here is the function centre where the reception was held. This is where I work. The colour scheme was black and ivory which hasn't photographed really well but it was quite effective and looked very stylish.
I will be posting off some swaps in the coming week so will take some sneak previews in the next day or two. I have 2 weeks off over easter and can't wait.
I am also planning a welcome home Maddie party because we didin't get to hold Sam's baby shower. She is doing really well and is starting to suckle which is fantastic. She is gaining weight steadily and taking more notice of what is going on around her. So just as soon as we get the word that she is able to come home the party will begin. I have purchased pink cupcake holders and lots of other "pink" things in anticipation - Do I sound excited? I am VERY excited !!!


Willow Grove - Kez said...

Maddies party will be amazing after seeing the photos of the weeding reception you have designs. The black and ivory looks great. They would have been very pleased with that.

So glad that Sam and Maddie are doing well. I can feel your joy as you speak about them.

Unknown said...

Lovely reception set up, and oh how happy the couple look. Such exciting news about Maddie. Did you find anything worthwhile in those links I sent?

Emma said...

I am so glad Maddie is on her way home. I can imagine how excited you are - I would be too.

I am very jealous of your tomatoes. I lost the majority of my crop to fruit fly. We are eating store bought ones at the moment - Miss Berry refuses to eat them and I don't blame her.


Anonymous said...

The wedding looked great, so we are in for a treat with Maddie's party.

Melinda said...

The wedding room looks very modern and stylish. Very nice.

Peggy said...

The black and ivory looks stylish, well done. I am so glad to hear Maddie is nearly due home, you deserve to be excited and look forward to some photos!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I LOVE the black and white! I'm sure it looked elegant in person.

Sarah said...

Looks so beautiful Fiona!! Love the black and ivory scheme - looks very stylish!
x Sarah
PS: If you ever want jelly rolls etc I can give you a good deal ;+)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

an we have the recipe for Apple Dumplings please Fee.
Thanking you,
Heather Stockton.