Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vintage Heart Swap

Hello There,

The Vintage Heart Swap is now complete and I have received my lovely box of gifts from Shann which included a lovely gift box that she made, a gorgeous roses mug, candy, chocolate hearts, scrapbooking stickers and much more. I have sent my box of goodies off to Shann. Here is what I sent her. I think it is fairly safe to post the photo tonight as she should receive the box tomorrow.

The Vintage items were a lace hankie that I bought amongst some items at an estate auction along with a vintage pink scarf. The fabric heart covered waste paper basket that I made for Shann also has some lovely hand made vintage lace around the edge that I had been saving for awhile. I hope that she likes everything. I had so much fun looking for heart items.
I have also joined the Easter Swap and also Maree's redwork swap which I am working on as well.
It has been a terrible week here in Australia with so many lives and homes lost. I am currently working on some blankets and toys to send to Victoria's Cat Associations and RSPCA for the sick and injured animals affected by the devastating fires. Many blogs have auctions and fundraisers as well. The Aussie spirit and mateship is so wonderfult to see at this terrible time and makes me very proud to be an Australian.


Peggy said...

Hi Fiona, Best wishes and prayers to all of you during this terrible time in Australia, made all the more shocking to hear some of the fires were started deliberately.

Julie said...

So good of you to think of the animals. Your heart items are all very pretty!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Oh, what a lovely swap you received, Fiona. Lucky you!! Thanks for visiting my blog. The fires in your lovely country have been hard to watch. Just devastating! People do rally even in the midst of tragedy. It's just really hard getting through it all initially. Take care and have a lovely Valentines Day!

Margaret said...

Hi, Fiona, The giving and receiving from friends new and old is precious.