Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thomas and His Play Mat

Here are some pictures of the play mat quilt that I recently made for my darling grandson Thomas (TJ). I neeed to make another now for a friends baby and just wish that I had written down everything as I made it because I didn not use a pattern. Lesson learnt next time I make something out of my head I will do up a pattern first. I used colouring in books to trace the pattern pieces and typed the letters up on the computer and blew up for the applique.

Thomas loves to sit on it and traces around the letters with his fingers feeling the applique. He has a goldfish called "Reno" so that is his favourite animal on the quilt. The outside border and backing is made from Hey Diddle Diddle fabric.

This is TJ (Thomas Junior) who is my first grandchild. My daughter Sammy is expecting a sister for him in April. I can finally get to make some pink things. He is helping to collect the eggs from our recently acquired hens which are pictured below. He loves getting "up the back" when he visits grandama and goes straight to the hens to say hello.


Unknown said...

TJ is too Cute Fiona...How lucky for your DD having a Pigeon Pair...the little Mat is Great.

Peggy said...

Hi Fiona,Your grandson is so cute and I am sure he loves visiting you.It is great to have your own hens to collect eggs from!

Rose Johnston said...

TJ is gorgeous and so is his play quilt!! I love the little horse!!

Margaret said...

Joy, Joy, Joy, rings out when we are able to craft something for our grandchildren. Love makes the world go 'round.

Marita said...

Tom's playmat is great, you're clever, I'm hopeless without a pattern! Lovely to meet you last week, those choccie tarts were divine. Still no chooks at my place, but will keep in mind your silverbeet tip. By the way did you name your chooks?