Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful sunny day it has been. Hubby and I rose early and visited a few garage sales in our area and picked up a few treasures which I will show you tomorrow. Then I had to go to work for a few hours before we attended a 2nd Birthday BBQ .

Here is young Tommy enjoying himself at the BBQ. That grin gets me every time !
This is the little apron that I made last night for the birthday girl. She wore it all day at her party. Unfortunately we ran out of time to visit the antique shops in the area but I am putting it on my "to do" list for the coming weeks.

The top photograph is of the parsley and basil that I chopped up and froze today. I have used quite a bit of recycled water on my herbs so I feel like they are extra "green" little herbs.
I am writing myself a little list of things to do tomorrow and am now off to do some more work on my baby blanket. See you tomorrow.


Melinda said...

I like how the apron has velcro and an elastic? neck. Makes it easier for kids to wear it.

Anonymous said...

Your herbs look yumdelicious, and little people's party's are always fun.

Peggy said...

The herbs look green and fresh, these are ones that grow very well here in summer how do you go about freezing them?