Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Gorgeous Gal

I have been having a bit of a tough time of it the past week or so and have been off work sick this week. My oldest daughter who is heavily pregnant and is chasing around a toddler came up for the evening to spoil me. She brought me these lovely flowers and card and made a reservation for hubby and I to enjoy a meal together. When we returned home she had a hot spa ready for me with rose oil added, had lit candles and sprinkled rose petals everywhere. I felt the most spoilt than I have EVER and I did feel much better after a good soak. She is such a sweet sweet girl and I adore her. Thank you so much Sammy .............
Today I have spent a little time in my creative space to cheer me up and thought that I would show you all where I sit and sew and blog :-

Here are mys two storage cupboards which is where I "hide" things. Sometimes I never find them again but sometimes I get a nice suprise when looking for something else.

This one has tubs which have unfinished large projects - One has my Angel Story Quilt and another has an applique quilt I began about 5 years ago. Naughty I know ........

Here is my cuting table

Lavender Bags and my "Sisters" Hugs and Kisses bag which I am making for my sister's birthday.

And here is my messy desk

Storage shelves

Thanks for taking a look around - I love looking at other peoples creative spaces and thanks for letting me share my special night last night.