Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Can See Clearer now the Rain has Gone..............

It has rained here at Brighton for most of the night and today has been a slight drizzle. You can smell the earth which is breathing a sigh of relief I am sure. The farmers over in the Coal River Valley region just over the hill from us are also breathing a sigh of relief because they have been in "real" trouble with the drought. It isn't enough to cause run off into the streams but I am sure that it will help.

Today is a day of relaxation as per the doctor's orders. This monring Rod and I went to watch Thomas (No 1 Grandson) have his second swimming lesson.

You wouldn't believe that the only car park was right near a second hand book store and a thrift shop so of course I had to investigate both.

I fell in love with this lovely BRAND NEW hat which will be perfect for me to wear in the garden. When I put it on I look like some of the charachters from Anni Down's Gardener's Journal. I also scored this gorgeous Metal Butterfly belt. It has a few stones missing but I will pull it to pieces and use it in some crafty form or another. It was only $1.00 so was a bargain.

I was also fortunate enough to find some embroidery magazines for just 40c each.

At the second hand bookstore I found this lovely gardening book which has the most beautiful pictures of plants and flowers.

We then stopped off at a hardware and nursery store on the way home and I purchased these rather healthy looking Geraniums which I intend to put into vintage containers when I find some and some spinach.

I think that I have made some major life decisions over the last few days and I do feel a lot better about things. I spent the majority of yesterday reading through other people's blogs and it has helped so much to help make things clearer to me. Sadly our busy working lives and tunnel vision make us lose track of what's important sometimes.

I am now off to make hubby a cuppa and to sit down in my bean bag and have a flick through my new book and magazines. Later on I will plant my new plants and wander through the garden to see how everybody is feeling after the rain. Then I will collect my gorgeous girls from the school bus.

Once again thanks for listening - It really helps...........


Anonymous said...

A busy day off that sounds wonderfully relaxing. Hope you find that your garden enjoyed the rain. Homemade spinach,mmmm.....

Melinda said...

I wish you could go shopping for me. You have good taste.

Isabella said...

That sounded like a busy day off to me too but a fun one, hope your feeling better, big hugs