Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goldwen Lodge

I have been blogging now since New Years Day and thought that I should start to take some photo's of my digs so that you can get to know your way around. Our property is called "Goldwen Lodge" - I have tried to find out some history on the property and the reasoning behind the name but so far no luck. So here is our sign which is out front. We have a 3 acre property which is just big enough for us and keeps us pretty busy.

I have photographed our breeze through before but here is a view of one of the ends. Both ends are the same and have the area at the top that lets through the breeze but small enough not to let my pet cats out.

You can slightly see in the top right corner a little bit of our garage which holds 5 cars apparently. This is where my one day dream will happen ....... you know one day when I open up my own little craft and quilting shop in the back yard.....

Here is part of our native garden at the side of our house. Our bedroom window looks out onto this garden and one of my favourite things is to wake up and look out at the birds in the trees. We have 2 "Little Wattle birds" which visit on a regular basis and sing to me from these trees.

This is the view of the native garden from our bedroom. The birds sit on these low branches.

And now for an inside shot here is our dining room. Our home does not have any plaster walls or ceilings. It is very "Cottage/Country" style. We bought it around 4 years ago and I instantly feel in love with it's ambience.

We also keep worms to add to our garden. Here is their home.

And here they are posing for the photo shoot ...............................

And another pose .............................................

I will take some more shots of "Goldwen Lodge" over the coming weeks and will show you some more of my "clutter" of which I have plenty or so DH says.
Here is a quick shot of what I will be sewing over the weekend whilst Amy has her 10th birthday sleep over - I am thinking that I may not get too much shut eye with 5 giggling girls so I will put the time to good use.
I will post some finished pics tomorrow.
Hugs and Bye for now ...........


Melinda said...

Thank you for sharing. The worm photos make me squirm tho. lol

Willow Grove - Kez said...

Your Lodge looks wonderful. I love the native gardens especially at the moment with no rain over here. Good luck with the sewing tonight and the 5 giggling girls. I know what thats all about. Thanks for sharing your world.


Unknown said...

What a place, looks lovely !
clares craftroom

Isabella said...

Love it Fiona, Soo sorry you have not been the best though that bits not soo good glad you got spoilt sounds devine